Hi everybody! My name is Kousik. I'm from india so my nationality is Indian.

Hello, my name is Kousik. I’m from india so my nationality is Indian.i’m interested in speaking english as native people.i love to make friends all over the world specially who has same passion for learning english like me.hope i’ll get some response from u.
thanks for reading :slight_smile:
take care all

Mr. Kousik
From which part of India do you come from? What is your mother tongue?
I am from Inidia.
Many nationalities are living in India.
I’m interested in speaking English like natives (in thier countries).???
What do you mean by ‘like natives people’?
‘natives’ could indicate different meanings.
Natives of australia are Aborigins etc.
Do you mean to speak like Americans, English etc.?
…, specially who have the same passion like me.
Of course you are free to use colloquial, slang, chatting style etc.
Good luck

If you are interested in … try to write as far as possible correct English.
Use space always after fullstop, comma, etc.

See you later

Mr. Kousik,
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Mr. Berlinder,
I’m from east part of India. My mother language is Bengali.
well here i mean to ‘native people’ whose mother language is english.Thanks for your reply and correction.
Hope i’ll try my level best to rectify it.


I am sandeep kaur. My nationality is indian , and my mother language is punjabi. I belong to punjab. I want to improve my english. Can anybody help me to improve my english ?

Firstly i will introduce myself… I am sandeep kaur. I am post graducate. I am 23 year old. My hobbies are painting , singing and surfing on neternet. My favourt hero is Salman khan and heroin is Kajol. My future plan is become a independent women in life.

hi, I am sandeep kaur. My nationality is indian , and my mother/quote]

A month ago I meet a friend from Pakistan, living in England, she was speaking to her child in Punjabi! Really interesting to hear! I’ve learnt few words but I forgot them, unfortunately!

yesterday i was doing an exercise related conditional and it was present unreal conditional i.e 2nd conditional, the question was >

“Did you hear about that guy who won 180 million dollars in the lottery? If I (win) won that much money, I (quit) would quit my job the next day. I (travel) would travel around the world and [color=red]b stay [/b]in the most luxurious hotels.”

i understood the whole part except from > “[color=red]stay in the most luxruious hotels”.
my question is why ‘stay’ why not stayed?. please clear my doubt …

YOU ARE WELCOME :slight_smile:

Mr Kaushik,
you can use ‘stayed’ with the helping verb ‘have’.
then it would be: “I [color=blue]would have stayed in luxury hotels”.

Mr Kaushik,

one more tip to you.
please read FAQ here. Use typing-space after: fullstop, comma, etc.
Avoid chatting language here, this is a place to learn good English.
BFN (Bye for now).

Hello, my name is Kousik. I’m from India. I’m interested in speaking English as native people do. I love to make friends all over (the world) specially who have same passion for learning English like me. Hope I’ll get some response from you.
thanks for reading. Smile.
take care all
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Mr Berlinder,
thanks for your explanation. I got the point what u wanted to say. but my question is how [color=red]stay is the right answer instead of [color=red]stayed.
The format you used is 3 rd conditional > where in main clause would + have + past participle of verb.
i got the exercise in the site > englishpage.com/conditional/conditional2.htm
If it is possible please look at it and clear my doubt.
with regads