Hi everybody! My name is Fatema. I am from United Arab Emirates...

My name is Fatema. I am from United Arab Emirates. For those who don’t know the country, you might have heard about Dubai.

I registered at this great website because I fee like I am loosing my language very slowly, although I have a Bachelor degree in Teaching English and a Master in Quality Management, my language is fading. I’m teaching young pupils where I’m using a very simple language with them.

I know it’s because of the lack of using the language in my community, I wish I can speak fluently, I wish that I don’t think twice when I want to express an idea or give presentations.

So help me please, in any possible way…

I really appreciate any help you can provide me or suggestions in regards what should I do …

Regards to you all,

Is your post a self-deprecation? :roll:

You are English is really good. I do not think you need help. I think you have reached a stage in which you can learn by yourself. Try to have a look at some posts and you will realize how good your English is.

Just start writing more posts. : o)

Take care,


Dear Fatima,

I think you won’t lose your English, as I know in UAE they use English very widely, try to teach pupils with high level otherwise try to listen to news and add to your memory new words, practice with yourself, anyway depend on yourself because there is nobody can benefit you as much as yourself and the words will not reside in your brain without hardworking and exerting efforts, and if there is something difficult you ask others just to give the answer, or using dictionaries, books, other many sources.

Hoping you full success


Hi Fatima: I am Shaima’a from Yemen . I wish that you know this countery, as well I know about your countery .
I am also an English teacher in K.G sction , and suffering from the same problem , that you described . But really keep with who is speaking English and ask who has an experince in this field , and almost you did because you had participated in this web site . And try to speak English with your friends who can speak English even it’s not fluently, it’s vey useful.
keep in touch
with my best wishes

Hello Fatema!

Here, you have a friend who could help you in whatever you want to… I am learning English but if you want to, we could share our knowledge at this language…

Hope to talking with you soon!

Loves from Argentina!

I am Nelu from Romania.I know,we are far away each other.Although, we have some in commune:both of we like english.
There are some differences.First I am not a teacher,more I didn’t like school ,I liked sport
music and so on.Much time I didn’t need nothing more than my physically power.I made up my mind to change the way the things were, few years ago. I have been learning english since then.Unfortunately I have to do it by myself.I have no one to help me.
I have got a job just in a forest.My fellows don’t like english,nor do my nearest neighbours: the bears and the wolves(that is a joke,but only half).
I go to the nearest town only at weekend,so my reliably friend concerning english remain my computer.
Well, you are luckier than I am.I am not going to give up improving my english and I am sure nor you have to.
Good luck and I wish you only success.

how are yo i want you friend ship kindly tell about you what is you education

Hello Nelu!

NIce to know you too! I loved your story! Loves from Argentina! If you want to, we could be friends too and know more about each other!!!

Keep in touch! Kisses! :smiley:

Thanks for your message.
I have always been open to finding new friends
What about my education, I think I have some.I know a lot about :history(history of the world,history of religion,history of my country-of course-,but many others too.So if you want,we can talk about any subject,I don’t think I could have any problems.
Have a good time.

Hi, I am Nelu,from Romania.
Very interesting what you said.Yes life can be full of surprises.Everyone wish love and happiness,but sometimes, what is happiness for someone could be ,almost, the hell for someone else.It it impossible for everyone to be happy,specially in love.
I know that you could be a very devoted person,but for that is need of love.and I think it is hard to find it 3000-4000 mile far away-hard ,but maybe not even impossible.
I wish you happiness,and I know you will get it.

Hi Fatema, Iam Rehab from Egypt and wish to be your friend I am studying English and wish to practice it in an active way. Anyway i am happy to know you through our lovely forum.

Hi Fatema
Iam ola from Egypt
I 've read your introduction and I liked it very much I’m also interrsted in practicing and improving my english so maybe we can share experiences and help each other

HI Fatema my name is ibrahim i from somali your message is very good and i liked it peapol like you isbeshal from dubi
my mam she is in dubi

my email is qays99@hotmail.com