Hi everybody, my name is Eman, I'm 17 from Egypt...

hi all,
i’m new here &i’m really very interested in this site…
my name is Eman,i’m 17 from Egypt
i’m really in love with the english language and i consider learning and talking in english one of my hobbies,i enjoy doing this…
that’s why i was very pleased to find such a great site where i can talk and deal all in english…
hoping to be more good in this superb language…

I’m sure you’ like it here)) HAVE FUN!!!

Hello 2 u 2 Eman , here is Shoroul form Egypt… nice 2 c u & we have something in common as I consider English my 1st hobby…have a nice day!

If I wrong somebody correct me,
Eman write “i” in capital letter for your self,
also give your signature Eman why Angel?.


Hi, Eman. How are you?