Hi everybody... I still live

Hi everybody :o
I came back from saudi yesterday
really, it is wonderful travel and I miss to all you
Hi [color=orange]Herc :smiley: :wink:
how are you?
I heard to news and I’m with your viewpoint all Syrian people not just Syrian but all moslem they will pay blood them & life them as a price of freedom Lebanon and palestine…
Hi [color=red]FangFang :slight_smile:
really I’m longing to hear your news
I hope you are fine
Hi [color=darkred]Tamara :wink:
I prayed Allah for you in makkah
Hi [color=violet]vague :wink:
did you change your mind about!!?If you change your mind I still here.
Hi Fan of Arabian horses
what about your news with englishuser…
it’s ok …really I hope that, good luck to you.
Hi [color=blue]eda:)) :smiley:
I am very happy for your nice journey. I enjoyed in my journey,too
Hi [size=150][color=blue]Conchita[/size]
a big Salaam from me to you
I still remember your nice talk about my travel Thx a lot Conchita
Hi [size=150][color=darkred]Torsten[/size] :idea: :wink:
are you right?
what about our challenge? it is still there… if that
I am ready to it.
Hi [size=150][color=darkred]Amy [/size]
the first person whose I meet her in this web site
really, I’ll never forget… Mrs.Amy
yes [color=blue]Pamela you are the best friend in this web and I wish to you good luck in your life
again, I miss to all you.

I am glad to see you are still “alive” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , Seriously, Welcome back ! During your absence we tried to build this community better. :smiley: :smiley: , Ok, how are you ??? Please tell us your stories in Saudi !!!We are all sitting well to listen to it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink:

Hello, ya Hajj!

It’s good to have you back alive and kicking! Do we have to show more respect to you now :slight_smile: ?

Do tell us about your trip!

Hi there and welcome back, Mba!

It just hasn’t been the same without you here!

Now that you’re back, please tell us about your trip! :smiley:


Ah, Mba!

So glad to see you again!

(And what colour of magic do you prefer now? :wink: )

Keep posting!

Hi Dark magicain!

Good to see you?re still alive :wink: and have surely a lot of pretty fine recollection from your journey. 8)

About Englishuser, I think Englishuser is still here on the site, having another username. But I?m not sure, it?s my assumption only.

Welcome back, DM!


Salaam everybody :wink:
Really you are the nicest friends :oops:
Thanks a lot for those kind word
When I was in Saudi (makkah) I saw many wonderful things but all those things nothing when I saw Al- Kabeh( Allah home’s) really it is the best thing I saw in Makkah.
I met with a lot of people from India & Iran & London & Pakistan & Indonesia & Tunis…
The most of them speak native language and English and Arabic so I talked with them in Arabic and English, one of them he works in industry of medical apparatuses and he live in London and He has two boys and one Girl.
the most people when arrive to Makkah they wear two white towels just, one put like skirt and another we put it on shoulder and we walk around (Al-Kabeh) 7 times and we go to Saffa & Marowa (place in mosque) and we walk between Saffa & Marowa 7 Times too.
When we end we cut our hair (like Ronaldo or Zidan). all that just for god’s sake.
And we read Al-Qumran and we pray to our Allah…
In the evening I went with my family to Judah city and we seat on sea-board and went to big stores and bought a lot of nice things.
If you visit Makkah you must drink Zamzam water because is from wonderful the world.
In the next post I’ll tell you about Al- Madina.
I’ll talk you soon.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 8) 8) 8) :lol: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey my friend …Where are you ?

I missed you so much , and I hope your journey was very interesting and you enjoyed by it …

As our friends saying , could you please tell us your last news in Saudi Arabia …

Best wishes…


Hey Mba

I sent you a private message :smiley:


Thank you for your captivating account, Mba. It must have been an incredible spiritual experience. Would you say it has changed you? And in what ways: has it made you more humble, for example? Do you feel your pilgrimage has filled your soul to the point that no hatred towards anyone will ever be able to creep (back) in?

I’m not trying to make small talk, but am really interested in your personal impressions on this.

Dark, it sounds very interesting. Why did you wear like that and walk around Al-Kabeh seven times? I know there is a kind of worship ceremony . I can’t remember where people do that , when they make pilgrimages they kneel and touch the ground with their foreheads. They repeat it during the whole ceremony, kneel and stand up , then kneel and stand up … until they get to the destination . It may be a lonely journey but they won’t walk or run just for a quick move. Each people will keep doing that holy ceremony . That shocked me so much that i 'd like to follow them if possible. Because i could feel their devotion for the Allah (God) , which is really astonishing but shaking.

Hello friend: P
It’s nice to see you again :slight_smile:
It was very important travel for you I think. When I was reading your impression I thought that we ALL are children of One God, even He has many names. Our prayer is different but our hope, love and faith are the same.
My second reflection is that there isn’t important which God we believe, but what kind of people are we, how we spend our life and how we treat other people.

I wish you the best

There are few new photos, have you noticed?
What about yours? :lol:

We are waiting.

Sorry everybody but …
The eyes are Crying :cry: and hearts so sad :frowning: and the truth is very scary… :shock: :x
Today the all people awake on this news:

Did you think they from die-hards (Allah-party)
This question… I want from you answer about it?
Israel Killed most from 1000 people in her war until now just 20 from them die-hards or less. Do you believe Israel want the peace in this world?

Please, look on the truth and answer…



Hi Mba and everybody

I would like to explain a bit hidden detailing …
from here …pulsed belief heart Syria
I think the truth is always the strongest , but it needs to the strong men who can tell and defend it …
Fortunately some of honourable people never agree with the oppressing…
We all hate the killing and murders …
but when your home and your dignity were hurt …

[color=red]THE BLOOD [b][color=black]CAN KILL SWORD …



I read that terrible news yesterday , i just want to say it is the disaster of humans. So far, i wonder what a “new middle east” would be looking like …
We are all praying the final peace for those poor people who shouldn’t be the victims of the Politics.
Lyrics of “Where is the love” from Black Eyed Peas Band. Something of the heart words.

What’s wrong with the world, mama
People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma
Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
But we still got terrorists here livin’
In the USA, the big CIA
The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK
But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how anger works and operates
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send us some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love
The love, the love

It just ain’t the same, always unchanged
New days are strange, is the world insane
If love and peace is so strong
Why are there pieces of love that don’t belong
Nations droppin’ bombs
Chemical gasses fillin’ lungs of little ones
With ongoin’ sufferin’ as the youth die young
So ask yourself is the lovin’ really gone
So I could ask myself really what is goin’ wrong
In this world that we livin’ in people keep on givin’
Makin’ wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends
Not respectin’ each other, deny thy brother
A war is goin’ on but the reason’s undercover
The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug
If you never know truth then you never know love
Where’s the love, y’all, come on (I don’t know)
Where’s the truth, y’all, come on (I don’t know)
Where’s the love, y’all

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send us some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love
The love, the love

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
As I’m gettin’ older, y’all, people gets colder
Most of us only care about money makin’
Selfishness got us followin’ our wrong direction
Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema
Yo’, whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Instead in spreading love we spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity
That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ down
There’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
Gotta keep my faith alive till love is found

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send us some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)

I hope that it isn’t as a new Iraq which Mr.Boch and his clever government had promised us before their forces occupied " Iraq" …

By the name of democracy they killed that fantastic country for ever !!!
They changed the oppressing to freedom " in their opinion " and you should know that " the average of killing operations in Iraq is 30 people dead and above 100 hurt people every day !!!.. so… it’s new freedom ???
or a democracy !!! what’s bad democracy !!

What the meaning of " Democracy " and specially that
" An American Democracy" !!!
I think the democracy is kind of freedom , and freedom comes from and to the local nation , not by guns and by killing and by violation and by violence … and by foreign forces …

So FangFang … what do you think that “new middle east” will be !!!


Hi, Herc. I agree with you ! Each nation has her own problems , but the rights of freedom should be given to the ordinary people. Neither the outsiders nor those politicians. We insist on a policy of equality and autonomy. I believe this spirit is still rooted in this planet. :!:
As i said, a new middle east should be a united world. Only those parties which stand for the people’s benefits could win finally. Any "surficial , friendly " mediation wouldn’t be helpful to the peace. Give the rights to the people who are their own masters. Only them who can save their nations. The Spirit Of Nation can unite all the people and win any battle.
We have seen lesson before , now it is a hard time there. We can read all kinds of news here, our woman battlefield reporters what happened there everyday, it is sad. When the Lebanon female director’s letter was translated into english we were all shocked. As if we were there, seeing bombs bursting , children crying , people dying…But who really cares ??? They want to keep that military attack , where is the humanitarianism, which was lost somewhere. Now i am sitting here, breathing the smell of peace. But eighty years ago there were wars everywhere, wars between the government and the rebellion people, wars among the warlords, wars between chinese people and the foreign forces(eight foreign countries union), it was the big shame for us, mainly because our government was the worst , it was the politician’s government not the ordinary people’s Party. That 's why we had to experience such a long war , until we got the final victory at the expense of many people’s lives. The National Spirit united every chinese to fight for our freedom. Of course, we have great leaders !
Maybe the history has some similarities, but , we don’t want to recur . The New Middle East must be that belonging to all the arabic people, who is the Master to build a new world.

Hi FangFang…

Have you heard that ?

The stupidest and the most terrorist doing is:

USA smart government sent to Lebanon " medicinal help" and sent to Israel " guns and explosives and bombs " to kill lebanese civilians … :shock:

Do you know that USA government policy is very beautiful as Its Foreign Minister beauty :lol: …
I think USA government think all nations are stupid " as it " but it ignores that the liberated world unmasked it and all bad and evil doings and that was since USA destroyed Iraq…
I hope you that you have read this information from " many true media :lol: " Israeli and USA " !!!

Is it a kind of an american freedom or an american democracy ?
I think that … :cry: :x :frowning:


Hi, Herc:
Yeah, i noticed that . Today the news about the war became worse. :cry: A large scale of military attack happened in Lebanon. I wonder why they hate the Allah Party so much. :roll: