Hi everybody I am from Turkey!

hi everybody I am from Turkey I live in İstanbul is there anyone who has been to turkey or to istanbul?I want to improve my english thats why I am here… also this summer I am thinking of going to England in order to improve my English

if you wanna talk to me umutuzun1905@hotmail.com add me so we can do practice

by the way my name is Umut

Hello, Umit! It’s nice to see you here=)
My name is Daria, I’m from Belarus and I have been to Turkey for 4 times)

not Umit :smiley: its Umut :slight_smile: where have you been?

oh! I’m so-so sorry :roll: :roll: :roll:

I’ve been to Izmir, always wanted to visit Istanbul, but never had any opportunities to…

Umut, tell something about what you do, your interests

no problem if you want you can say Umit ::):):):slight_smile:

I am a student I am 17 I my interest is English etc etc… :slight_smile:

you? :slight_smile:

I’m 17 too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m in my final class this year, getting prepared for the university
I have lots of interests, especially many kinds of art

wow wonderful :slight_smile: I am studying in english department :smiley: do you use skype or msn?

I use both=)
Daria Gris on Skype

ok DariaGris I’ve added you… mine is umutuzun1905@hotm… :slight_smile: thanks…

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Hi Umut,

Nice to meet you. My name is Guruh from Indonesia. I haven’t been turkey. I hope some day I’ll be going to turkey. I believe your country is very beautiful.
Have you been to Indonesia?

I look forward to hear from you

Warm regards,


nice to meet you too… no mate I havent ever been Indonesia…

Thanks for your quickly reply
ow i see…
Can you describe what kind of Istambul is like?
By the way I read your post, what do you learn in the english department?
I’m sorry my English is not good. There’re many thing’s I have to learn. :slight_smile:

hi.there best regards from istanbul

Guruh sorry mate I couldnt reply to you give me your msn I can tell to you İstanbul

Hi Umut, I don’t have msn. But I have ID Yahoo messenger. Is this ok ?
ID = guruhkharisma@yahoo.com

ok I’ve added you :slight_smile: upppuppp upp uppp ++++++

Hello Umut. Nice to meet you. I am from Turkey, too.

Hope to enjoy and learn English :wink:

Hey! Umut and Guruh(It means “teacher”)! I am Gaurav from India. I will move to canada for my master’s soon and I guess, we do have a teacher here from canada?

I am thinking of going to the U.K