Hi Everybody! I am a Colombian guy. How are things?

Well…I am a Colombian guy, and I am currently teaching English. Besides, as you see, I am a new member here as well as teacher in this educational world. Nevertheless, I consider my english not good enough, specially my speaking part. That’s why I wanted to speak with someone who feels prepared to teach and to share different things (i.e, cultural, educational)…Finally, as far as I know, I could help anyone who needs help in things like pedagogy, guitar stuff and sports, but I think you are the ones who will, because I have lots of questions about english language–mainly slangs and idioms.

See ya around guys…!


Hello Sergio, and welcome to this corner of the world!

Thank you for offering to help in this interactive learning and teaching community, where you’ll learn lots, too.

Hope to meet you often!

hi i am shekoofeh from iran and would like to be your friend.how can i add photo in my profile?can you guide me?

Hi Sergio!
I’m Niena from Indonesia. Hope we can be friends. :slight_smile:

Hi, Shekoofah. How are you?
I’m Niena from Indonesia. :slight_smile:

Anyway, do you still need to know about how to put your picture on your profile?
Well, to edit your profile, you can simply click “Profile” on the menu.
Once the page is opened, scroll down to the end of the page. You’ll see “Upload photo from your machine”.
Browse the picture you like the most and then upload it. Click submit and voila! You’ll have your own profile picture.

Hope that helps.
And sorry for my english. I’m trying my best, though. :slight_smile:



Hi Niena,you have a high level of English ability.i did enjoy your writing.Have you studied English at highschools?