Hi, everybody. Here’s cctga. I’m a newcomer...

Hi, everybody. Here’s cctga. I’m a newcomer.
First of all I’d like to greet to Mr.Torten Daerr my coach, asking excuse for my delay to come up with myself because I was following his first email and doing my homework he prescribed.
My name is Claudio Carneiro, the nick name cctga. I’m a Brazilian consultant, 60 years old, married, 3 sons, one daughter e 2 boys. I’m bachelor in business administration specialized in finance. I worked for many companies, local and overseas, like Alcatel, Foxboro, etc.
My English is almost good to read and writing but not so to listen and speaking.
I’m not preparing to TOEFL or another examination, I only need to improve my English, perhaps eliminating my deficiency in speaking and understand.
That’s why I meet you.
Relating to personal pronouns wasn’t difficult for me and so the English grammar test. I got 10 out of 10 right this time. I was lucky because I’m not so as good.
I listened to the audio records and could understand almost everything SUE said, including she is from Bristol, England.
I hope I’m not be so difficult for you improving my english.
By the way we just have had Brazilian Carnival, if anybody would like to know something more about do not hesitate to ask me.

Hi Cctga,

Welcome on board.

Enjoy your stay .


Hi, Aquajane. How’re doing?
Thanks to welcome myself in the Forum.

Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your reply.
I’m doing just fine,
but … busy …

I bet you’re also busy on your end, aren’t you ?

I also spend some of my free time doing the tests
like you’ve done … and I’ve learned a lot …

Hope that all is well with you and take care.

Bye Claudio.


Hi Jane.
you’re right like you I’m busy all the time but when I’ve some freetime I go to the site to make some exercises or listen some audios. It’s good to learn new words, expressions, etc.
In my professional activity as a financial consultant normally I manage financial expressions all the time and sometime I don’t know how to say very popular expressions, natural things and so on.
Are you improving you english faster in the site?

Hi Claudio,

Yes, it’s true that in every profession there is certain terminology
that we need to learn …

I think it’s the same in any language … and we just have to learn
and keep learning … :slight_smile:

If we keep learning, then we’ll surely improve, don’t you think ?

Have a good day .


Hi I really like to learn language… I want to improve my english…

You are right Jane…

Hi Sonya,

Welcome on board.

Hope you have a pleasant stay.

Take care Sonya.