hi every one,please help me

  1. Is it right when I call number one by one when I talk about year.
    For example: “1990” is “one-nine-nine-zero”. If not please show me the right way to call them aloud.
  2. Does it exist any kind of flowers named “Lys”?
  3. what does “part-whole” mean?
    E.g. “part-whole relation”.
  1. nineteen-ninety would be the normal form for that year.

  2. The Lys is a river. Perhaps you are thinking of ‘fleur de lys’ (lily).

  3. Without further context it’s possible to misinterpret it, but usually that would mean a part/fraction of the whole thing. “Part-whole relation” sounds very odd to me.

yes. thank you. Today I also have some trouble. Please help me.

  1. Is it right when I use the words “outside and inside” to talk about both appearance and characteristic?
    If not please let me know some suitable word.
    And the most important thing is I hope that whenever I ask you for some help if I make any mistake please show me in order to help me correct them, because I really want to improve my English skills.
    Thank you for all your help.