hi every one, please help me to correct this query.

Are these sentences right?

  1. There is a lot of money in your pocket.

  2. This book is of Peter.

  3. There are many students in my mother’s class.

  4. Does your brother drink too much?

Hi, I think they are all correct except #2. It should be “This book is about Peter.” Or maybe you meant Peter wrote the book. In that case it would be “This book is by Peter.”

Why not ‘This is Peter’s book’?

This is Peter’s book - this book belongs to Peter. (This is the book of Peter)

Luschen obviously doesn’t think this is what the original poster wanted to say, and that is why he has omitted the option.

Yes Beeesnees, for some reason I didn’t consider this possibility, but it is probably the correct one.