Hi ... Clarify my query plz

Hai i am planning to prepare for GRE my engineering aggregate is only 67.5 % . what i am worried is, eventhough if i work hard and score well in GRE and Toffel weather this engineering score will influence my admission for MS. Should i prepare for GRE or not …

mail me if anyone is prepareing for GRE so we can do well.

Definitely prepare for the GRE. It’s an important factor in admissions and a high score can help alleviate some concerns about your undergrad record. My husband scored a perfect GRE but had a lousy GPA and got in to get his masters at the same school and program where he got his undergrad.

Thanks malachite for your kind information …in which school he is doing his master …what is his GPA and score

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He got his masters at UVA’s engineering school. I think his GPA was 2.9 but he was just a few points shy of a perfect GRE, which helped bigtime. Plus his GPA his second two years of undergrad went up a lot (he goofed around too much his first two years and was even on academic probation, but turned it around).