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Discuss a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Use reasons to support your answer.

There are many different customs in my country, India, that I want people from other countries to adopt. These customs include food habits, dressing styles, hospitality and cultural values. I feel that dressing style is one among such customs which influence cross-cultural people. I like to pen down my reasons in the following paragraphs.

Sarees are beautiful, colourful, dresses worn by women in my country for many years. We have lots of varieties and styles in wearing sarees. Besides, it suits all women ages and body types, ranging from thin to fat. It makes women more elegant in their outlook. Hollywood actresses are seen in sarees in parties. When asked, they say that they love wearing them as it brings out the best in them.

People from different culture s love our sarees, because they differ from other clothes in the method of wearing, and in the reflection of different cultures. For example, sarees can be worn in North Indian Style or East Indian style. They can be tied around heads, or around waist either on right or left side. The style of wearing sarees truly reflects the culture or the region of women. For instance, women from Kerala have their saree ends tied on the breast, whereas women from Bombay have saree ends free.

Sarees can be worn for any occasions. If you are in parties, we can wear grand embroidered sarees various floral patterns. For wedding, we can dress up in sarees which have gold or silver embedded in them. For mourning, we can go with plain sarees in white or black. We even have formal sarees which can be worn for interviews and universities.

I strongly believe that sarees are very important in our culture. Just like our national emblem, they represent our nation and culture. Sarees have become popular to an extent that women in different parts of the world have started wearing them, creating trends and fashions. Sarees occupy a prominent place in the Indian Fashion and Textile industry. I will be very happy, if sarees become a universal costume.

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…I will be very happy, if sarees become a universal costume…

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