Hi Beeesneees/ Dozy /Sentences/ Please, correct me if I wrong.

Hi there,

Is it possible to say: ‘Let’s talk somewhere, where it is less crowdy.’? I think ‘where’ is redundant in this sentence.

Is it possible to say: ‘I’d like to go to a place where the sun always shines.’? I think in this sentences where is not redundant.

Could you give me one or two alternatives, please?


In the first sentence “crowdy” should be “crowded” and the comma should be deleted. In your sentence “where” is required. However, you could alternatively say “Let’s talk somewhere less crowded”.

The second sentence is OK.

Thanks Dozy! But which one is more natural, or are they both natural?

When you ask “which one is more natural”, which two sentences are you now trying to compare?