Hi, Andrzej - new member of this forum!

Firstly ,I am a man and for sure I have the name ,let me think ,my name is Andrew and I am 18 years old and also I have 15 years of experience (totally I am 33).Every year I get new experience and after 3 years I will be on the same level with my age.
I learn English myself and to tell you the truth it is very hard work for me but it is very exciting especially if you can meet another people ,get to know about another cultures ,countries ,… .
About my hobby for sure I have some ,I like rest but not every time I like also running ,hunting ,diveing ,reading some magazines about my hobby ( I am the Marathoner)
My English is not good especially grammar rules ,it is easier listen to somebody than take part during some conversation ,I hope my knowledge will improve on your help.
Special thanks for Torsten and all people who all time create this forum.
All the best in the future -Andrzej

Hello Andrzej,

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It’s great to hear that one of your hobbies is learning English. Have you tried to listen to English audio books while jogging? When did you start to do marathon and how often to you practice?

Yes, you are right, it’s always easier to listen to somebody than it is to speak. It’s also much easier to read a text than it is to write one. That’s why I’m so glad you have posted your first message here on the forum and I really look forward to reading many more of your posts.

Talk to you soon,

TOEIC listening, photographs: Among the dunes[YSaerTTEW443543]

It is time to write Hi -second time ,
to begin with ,I would like to say -“Every day I wake up ,brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue” but I do not remember who is the owner of this sentence ,also i am not sure ,is it write correctly ?
Dear Torsten ,
Thank you for your prompt respond , as I can see it is very popular forum with many interesting topic and also takes a lot of time ,presently I have not it enought , my present maybe will be rare ,I promise ,I will do everything to change it .
If it is goes about running ,I have interesting it since 2006 and this year I started my first marathon on January ,my second one was two months ago.I try to practice two or three times per week but sometimes it is not depend on me -you know ,but I like it and in the future I will try to listen to English audio books because till now I was run without Mp3 ,every time I was savoured the scenery ,nature … .Great idea !
For sure I should more learn the tenses because it is very big problem for me whiche tense in which situation .Some idea how to solve this problem ?
Sorry for some mistakes ,maybe next time will be better !
Best regards -Andrew