Hi all, I'm greating from Mongolia, my name is Purevsuren

Hi every one.

I’m greating from Mongolia.

If you write I’ll write you. :smiley:

Salaam [size=150][color=darkred]Tatar[/size]
i think you mustn’t use this words because all members :wink: here are friendly so they are Writing to u and I sure from that
Welcome in the best website in the world.
nice to meet you and enjoy in every bit from this web :arrow:

I am from China,living next to you :wink:
What do you expect from english learning?Write to us please as possible as you could!mmmm,You must know The Inner Mongolia in China,great grasslands extending to the horizon!
Welcome here :smiley:

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for writing I really appreciate. I do feel very comfortable here because of your kindness and friendships. I’m planing to pass the TOEFL test ang go to a university in the USA.

What do your plans?

I am staying here for english improvements,you can do those exercises here and write something as possible as you could.Good Luck ! 8)

Salaam Tatar :o
You are always welcome
I think everyone has plans and ambitions, like you, and them different between people
Really you are strong man because I until now I didn’t prepare myself to TOEFL .
I am an architect and I work in Kitchens design Company and all my plans and ambitions … it just in specialty my job.
I talk to you soon :wink:

Hello Tatar, good to have you here, with us! :smiley:

Let me tell you a little bit about Mongolia in geography, government structure, social structure, and economy.

Mongolia is in the middle of the Asian content. It’s an extremly big land locked country and surrounded by China and Russia. Mongolia is a big historical country with cultural. The climate is in Mongolia very dry and temperory.

The government structure system is parliamentary. The leaders are elected by citizens and who will make suggestions and suggest laws. The president represents the country and makes desicions. There are many political parties in Mongolia however, two major political parties are mostly in the parlament Repablican and Democratic.

The social structure isn’t diverse. Mostly people have been from their ancestors and they’ve undergod long time. Social classes are devided into lower class, middle class, and upper class. People who are in lower classes are made of poor individuals with little education and who may be unempoyed on the other hand, the middle class is made of fireworkers, policemen, truck drivers, little business owners, and teachers. The upper class consists who are very rich, and often hold great policitcal and social power. The population of Mongolia is only 2.7 milion and official language is Mongolian.

The economy is in Mongolia. Mongolia produces a lot of raw materials and exports and it’s often for lumber, wheat, coals, wool, animals of skins. There aren’t great factories in Mongolia. Although, there are many little industries in Mongolia they are usually manufacturings. The strenght of economy reflects very little % in the world.

Now I hope you’ve got little imformation about Mongolia in geography, political systems, social structure and economy.

I write very poor in English, please try to get idea about Mongolia :smiley:

Hello dear,
It is nice to have you here, especially I was very eager to know something about your contry. I am very thankful to you for posting this information about your country.