Hi all, I am from Asia and I need to improve my English


I am from Asia. I am not new to english. But I need to improve my English writing. It is ver naive. So I am here. I found out this site very accidetally. Looks cool. I feel withe the help of you all I can improve to a great extent.


Hello, Improve. Where are you from exactly? I’m pretty sure you’ll make progress. By the way, what I noticed in your writing first is the dropping of some letters. :wink: :wink: :wink:

A big Hallo Improve…


Hope you will make here an improving that you are looking for and I’m sure that you will enjoy here .

By the way , your name make me feel optimistic .

Keep posting …


Hi, welcome to this forum. Which part of Asia are you from? I am also from Asia–> Singapore.

i m from india. I will sureky look for missing letters.