hey what language is that

hi guys,
was looking for some online language classes and found this sayin smthn bout youtube language classes but cand find that on utube…
can anyone translate that?or give me the onlinevideo language classes?thx

presaonline.com/stire/video- … 83277.html

Hi there,

Could you clarify what you’ve posted there? I’ve been speaking English for over 30 years, but both your spelling and wording are alien to what I’m used to.

i want to learn english.
while i was searching on internet i found an article about video classes on youtube…english classes. but i cannot find those english lessons on youtube. so i dont undertsand what they say in tht article about english lessons on youtube.or anyone can let me know please about video lessons?english language lessons.
thank you ralf

Hi atschool,

I think the language in question should be Romanian. I have no knowledge of the Romanian language, but it doesn’t look like any other language of Roman origin to me.

As for your question, there is a lot of material out there designed to meet the requirements of language students. If you ask me, nothing beats the real thing. Watching a DVD with the subtitles switched on (in English) is what I’d recommend you to do. You can watch anything you want, and the more you watch and listen, the more you learn :wink:

well that is cool idea too.also i think video lessons is cool too.