Hey I'm The Golden Girl

Hey Everyone =]

I’m New to this Forum , so I got No Clue on what to do or say , I hope I know All about it Soon =D

Hmm I’m a student currently doing my AS Levels (EDEXCEL) and planning to do TOFEL within this year’s Summer or Perhaps the Next Summer ,It depends .

I want My English to get better Because right now My Vocabulary is very Poor as well as Spelling and Grammar , Which Is Why I came here Looking for Someone to Help Me :slight_smile:

I hope that someone Helps ;D

You can call me GG :slight_smile:

Nice to Meet you Everyone :wink:

Hi GG,

Welcome to the forums. Your English seems to be of a reasonable standard and I’m sure that all you need in order to improve is as much practise as possible.
As you are undertaking written examinations, the first thing you need to work on is the random use of capital letters in your writing. You use far too many. This is an unusual problem - most learners leave them out and don’t use enough!
Capital letters are used:
at the beginning of sentences,
For the pronoun ‘I’,
For titles,
For proper nouns, including names of people places, days, months.

Look at the underlined capitals here:

Notice also that I’ve removed the spaces from before full stops and commas and ensured that there is a space after them. You missed full stops where you added smileys, so I’ve put them, in too.

golden girl?

Hmm yes that’s my name.

I am going to start talking the TOEFL exam this summer (2011) and I want your tips and advice on how to start and get a high score !

Thank you in advance.