Hey, guys! I am Jennifer :)

Hey, I am Jennifer, and it is really a great pleasure to get to know you guys here. :smiley:


Nice to meet you.

welcome in the best web to learn english and make a lot of friends… :wink:


Hello Jennifer,

I’m Rosalisa. It’s also a great pleasure to see you here and especially to make friends with you. :smiley: Hope you will join in this discussion forum a lot. :smiley:


Ha, it did give me a surprise when I see your responses so soon! Thanks for your great concern!

I’m 20 years old, from China, and will be graduate next year.Our university situated in Changsha, Hunan province, where one of our greatest leaders----Chairman Mao was born. Well, to be honest, I knew much less about Chairman Mao than my grandpa did, but he told me many stories about the great guy who had changed our country in so many ways.

Besides, I love my campus life very much. Now, those freshmen are having their military training on the campus, and that would always remind me of my first year here. Time flies! I am already a senior now!

Well, it is really great to know you guys here, and I am sure that we can know more about each other and our different cultures in the days to come. :wink:

Hey, dear Dark magician,

Thanks for your reply! I am a chinese girl, in my fourth year in the college, and it is great to get to know you here.

I majored in English, and I like learning it very much. There are more than 24 students in our class, but the pity is we only have 8 boys altogether! Most of the students majoring enlish are girls.

I like travelling very nuch. But, by far, I haven’t been to any foreign countries yet. Hopefully,I can have chances in the future!

May you have a great day!

Hi,[color=red] Jenniferـــــــــ詹尼弗 :slight_smile:


Now I know why boys are very bad in English, so I am not lonely bad in language in this world : ))) :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know?! in this website…
another girl from china and she is very friendly like you (FangFangـــــ 芬芳), and her name is meaning (fragrance).

of course I know!!! you knwo that… :lol:

You are like me. I love travel too and I wish I went to china in near time.

Maybe, I’ll go to china if our company sent me to it ???

By the way, I’m very happy to talk with you.

Best wishes.


Dear Dark Magician,

You gave me a surprise by typing out those chinese letters!
I was kind of struck dumb by seeing them in an english website! That is so great of you. :slight_smile:

I am wondering where are you from, since I know for sure that you are not in China. I really wanna know more about you and your country.

I have seen Fangfang’s posts and she is indeed a very kind gal. I hope there will be more and more chinese joining this forum and enjoy their english learning instead of just working hard to cram for tests!

Hi,[color=violet]Jennifer :smiley:

I’m Sorry :oops: , Jennifer
these days I was too busy.

I have a lot of works I must do it, yes I am not in china but I like chinese people very much.

I am from Arab country and I am from Syria and I born in Damascus and I’ve lived in it.

I’ve wrote on traditional damascene house… what about your ctiy and neighborhood.

Nice day.


Hi, Dark magician

Nice to hear from you!

Well, I’m so happy to learn that you are interested in China. To be honest, I am also fasinated by the Aribian cultures. :smiley: Women are not supposed to show their faces bodies outside their houses, right? :shock:

I am a college student now, and study in Changsha, Hunan province in China. You may not know this city, 'cos it is not as big or famous as Beijing, shanghai. But, it is a nice and mordern city. The houses here do not have many distinctive characters. But, i have a friend who works in a real estate company in Suzhou.That city is renowed for its exquisitive designs and special gardens. Some ancient archetectures were well preserved there, and it has been attracting inverstors from all over the world in the recent years.

Here is a website, where you can have a glimpe of how ouses and gardens there look like.

Yea… my friend Jennifer

I like china and I value it toooooooooooooooo muuch. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot about this beautiful wbe I put it in my favorites.

Wow… :o … :shock: … :smiley: … for that beauty!!! I Love china :wink:

and I think u have some information about arabs countries and that great.

after some days the best month comes to islamic nation Ramadan… :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

and I and Hec have written about it in what do you want to talk about… ([color=red]Ramadan gives our happiness )

I must good to my work.


Well, I am so pleased to know that you really like those pictures. :lol:

They are really beautiful, aren’t they? I once visited Xi’an, an ancient city in China, and it gave me so much surprise to see how wonderfully those old buildings merged together with those new sky-scrapers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for telling me that you are going to celebrate a great month soon! I only know a little bit about Ramanda, during which you have to fast in the daytimes, right?

I think I will learn more about it from “Ramanda give us happiness”.

Hi, Jennifer! :o

Yes. I know I’m not good friend :oops:
But really I don’t have much time, and my work takes all my time. So I am very sorry my friend. :!:

What about you?
How your study? And your college and your friends, yes I think your college starts, and you dress a new clothes and you meet a new friends…

Really, I prefer that days…!!!

Jennifer you can talk what you want and I’ll be very glad when I read your post?


Hi, Dark magician

Different from you, I am still a student, so it is easy to understand that I get more free time on my hands. :lol:

I am a senior now, will graduate next year.

Well, I have a piece of great news to share with you and with all my good friends. I can pursue my further study through our university’s recommandation, without taking the national examations. Isn’t it something great?

I am so happy that I guess I laughed during my dream!!! :wink:

It is getting cooler in our city here. And, on Oct 1st, we are going to celebrate our national holiday, on which our country was founded. Well, by the way, it also means that we are going to have a seven days’ break after that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy, I like that.

I really enjoy my campus life here. I have no idea what life will be like when I have to go out working some day and have my whole day fully occupied. But, the thing is if you really love the job you are doing, then it will be more pleasant and comforting.

If you have some free time, would you please tell me more about your job and the city you are living in?

Hi, Jennifer

you are lucky person you have seven day off after some time… that sounds great :shock: :smiley:

when I was student maybe Iwas like you too.
I had enough time to do what I want.

hey Jennifer I guess any person have dream and he works hard to do it … in some time it was impassable dream :frowning: … crazy dream :twisted: … funny dream :lol: …
but it still nice dream and can’t anyone laugh from your dream. :wink:

Jennifer… Jennifer… Jennifer …!!! girls

yes I’ll tell you about my job and my city… now!!! ok now

my work is very hard and very interesting like your study.

I often went to my work early at 9 morning, and I went to many house or villas where I have work then I take distancing the kitchen and pipes and electric boxs… everything in this kitchen .

when I finish Come back to company and I draw it as plans on my computer and I try put the best ways and solutions for it …

I think you saw this, the work takes from me most my time. :cry: :smiley:

yeah Jennifer what about your city and other your dream and your attention or you ambitions in this crazy world.

Now I mush go !!! bad boy I’m :twisted: :evil: :!: :?: :arrow:

I’ll talk you soon.