Hey all, I am Vague :) from Bulgaria

Hi everybody :slight_smile: i entered this site three days ago and i absolutely love the tests in it…
So, in short abt me- I am 21 years old, from Bulgaria. Currently I work as a manager in a Greek firm, i plan to start university in a couple of months. I am in love with foreign languages and English has been my passion since the high school. I am really glad that there are sites like this one where u can learn while having fun…this has nth to do with the old-fashioned boring grammar books :idea: :slight_smile:

Glad to meet you,Vague!Let’s be friends :smiley: Take an active part in discussions :smiley: Yes,you’re right the atmosphere is really great here!

hi pamela :slight_smile: glad to meet u as well :slight_smile: i will do my best to take an active part in the discussion and will try to be of any help to the others, if needed, though i think i will also need some help from time to time :slight_smile:

Of course,Vague!You’re always welcome!

Salaam vague :smiley:
I say too:Glad to meet you as Pamela & I agree her viewpoint “You’re always welcome”
maybe we can be friends
I wish you nice day :wink:

Hi vague!

Glad to meet you! At my look ( :slight_smile: )your English is quite good.

In your profile you’ve listed ‘technologies’ among your other interests; what kind of technologies are you interested in?


Hello, Dark Magician :slight_smile: I would love us to be friends! :slight_smile:
Hi, Tamara :slight_smile: So, abt my english first- it has to be good after 8 years of studying :slight_smile: i have some exams in July for the university and i am still nervous abt them…what i hate most is that i really make stupid mistakes…things i know, things that are obvious…that are really like in a grammar book…and i just write them wrong in the test…anyway…abt the technologies…i am just intrested in computers and stuff like that, because our everyday life requires it…and being able to work with them, knowing a language and having a good degree from a university would give me better opportinity to get an interesting and well-paid job…that is it…i am not a computer genius or sth…i know as much as a person living in this century should know, as much as i need for my job and myself :slight_smile:
what abt u? and u Dark Magician :wink: What r u two interested in?

Oh, I know that very and even too well…
Yesterday, while doing a pre-test (writing an essay under strong time-pressure) I wrote childrens ( ! :shock: !). After ** years of painstaking studying English! :smiley:

I am taking exams just the next week. And a bit nervous…

Good to hear! Does it mean that you’re going to learn ‘Computing’-related discipline at university? Computer graphics, networks, games, web technologies, multimedia, electronics, something else?

Anyway, have a good luck and enjoy the site!

actually, i want to go for languages in the university…no matter what kind of…i have already learned French and now i would like to start something new…either Sandinavian languages,or Arabian, or Greek or…I don’t know…it depends on the results I get on this exam in English…the thing is…i am totally crazy abt foreign languages :slight_smile:
abt ur mistakes, Tamara :lol: on a dictation last night…i wrote Greec instead of Greek… :evil: but we r humans after all…recently i had to translate some documents, prepared by a native English-speaking person…and he wrote “the transformer DON"T…” :P, so i think it is normal to make mistakes after all…where do u come from, by the way?

ps: Wish u luck abt the exams, i’ll keep my fingers crossed, but ur English seems very good, so don’t worry too much abt them…i have sit on many exams and i know that the most important thing is just to be calm…i also try to repeat this to myself all the time :slight_smile: u can make it, I am sure

Salaam vague :o
How are you?
Yes you right, about computer programs, it is very important for our life.
I am an architect and I work at interior design in one Company in my country, my age is 26 years and I am single now and I live with my family.
About my girlfriend you are make me embarrassing. Really I haven’t any girlfriend in my live because in my country (Islamic country) we see our wives are our girlfriends and we love our wives very very much.
And when I get to girlfriend that it mean I get to wife and I am in near future I’ll get to married.
I guess may I can help u if you want to learn Arabic language. :twisted:
Poss. of course I am very interesting in programs computer such as Aoutcad-2020-3Dmax-photoshop-factory- oracle…
Could you speak about yourself, please? :wink:
Nice time.

Hi vague!

Do you know if our (European, I mean) university system provides teaching polyglot linguists or you will have to make a choice in favour of the only specific language (or a branch of ‘one-root’ languages?


hi again, dark magician :slight_smile: yes, i can talk for myself a bit- I am a girl, 21-year old. I live in a small town on the bank of Danube river. For the moment i am working as a manager and getting ready for the university. my exams are in less than three weeks. here i will answer Tamara’s question :wink: As i already said, i would like to go for foreign languages. There are a lot of phylologies in the sofia university and they all include different stuff…for example the scandinavian includes all the scandinavian languages…same goes for the arabic. apart from that u can choose a specific language- like Greek, English, Iran, Hindi, Japonese, Chinese, etc…and i think in each specialty u have an opportunity to study another, second language, which u choose- German, French, English, etc. this is very good i think :slight_smile: in another university i am going to apply in, u have practical linguistics- there u study a combination of two languages only. Perfect, isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:
what else about me- i am singe at the moment :smiley: live with my parents, i have a sister. my mom is a teacher in English, my dad works in a logistic company- sth i really like and probably my master’s degree would be in it :slight_smile:
yup, that is all i think :stuck_out_tongue: have to work a bit :frowning: may u all have a wonderful new week!

Hi vague and thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Yes. I just meant - generally - that ‘making a choice’ (when we are in the point with a lot of possibilities) is quite good and adult act but it always has another side: focusing on and sharpening of one-two things only, not more (professionally, I mean) and leaving the others to be a hobby or even undeveloped at all.
Nobody can to become expert in everything and making important decision is difficult.

Certainly, your parents can (and, of course, will) help you to make such an important choice - with and after careful consideration of all pros and cons.

I wish you good luck with your job and with your exams!

Hi vague

I’m sorry to be the last one who tells you welcome …
but " The absent party is not so faulty "… :wink:

it’s Nice to see you here and hope you use this website usefully …


First,i want to make some corrections_______"I’m sorry to be the last one who tells you welcome … "(from Herc),he isn’t the last,i am not the last ,either… :smiley: :smiley:
Herc,give me my chair! :wink: :smiley:
Vague,so you want to study again?what subject will you choose ?

sooooo, ladies first :stuck_out_tongue: to tamara i would like to tell that i will apply for all the 26 specialties in the university i can enter with this application exam…they are really all interesting and last night it was such a great pain to choose which one to put first…My first choice is Scandinavian languages :slight_smile: then, Arabian, Greek, Chinese :smiley: , Japanese, Hindi…and after i cannot remember…no matter in which i manage to enter, i will be happy to study it :slight_smile: if you had to choose, what would ur choice be? just curious :wink:
hi to the guys as well :slight_smile: happy to get to know u:) maybe you both can tell me sth more abt u? :wink: i am quite a communicative person and i love making i-net friends :stuck_out_tongue:
and here is the place to make a small correction- i still haven’t started university…i didn’t when i graduated, because i prefered to have a year off and spent it as a volunteer in Belgium…i missed the next acadamic year as well, because unfortunately my plans for studying abroad ruined and i had already missed all the deadlines to start my education here…so, i started working instead and this year is the moment to start university at last :slight_smile: look so forward to it :slight_smile:
greetings to everybody!

Ok …FangFang

The chair for you …
you are the last one …lol :lol:


:evil: Hey everybody this page to vague
mmmm…Hi vague :smiley:
First I am so sorry because I late in my response on your post.
So… you girl and your age 21 and you single and you student and your intrusting with computer ….etc
You are my dream girl :roll: please marry me …. Of course I am joking there are in your country a lot of young and them better than me. :wink:
I saw your life is very fantastic and you have easy life.
I’ll be the best helper to you and I ready for that.
U r always welcome
With my love. :mrgreen:

:lol: haha, dark magician…u think i am your dream girl…haha…when u understand my opinion abt relationships, commitments and marriage you will want to run away from me immediately…as far away as possible :lol: i know u r joking, funny joke…i have already heard it a couple of times…but still i appreciate ur sense of humour :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi vague :o
Really, you aren’t like commitments and marriage? You are disappoint me :cry:
May you have girl friend like you to me and she likes commitments and marriage :wink:
Ok ok … don’t streak me that just joke… 8)
Anyway I want to be pen friend to you (just)
I wish to you nice day :wink: