"Here is my two cents" vs "Here are my two cents"?


Which of these two syntaxes should be used: “Here is my two cents” or “Here are my two cents”? (I think the former is more all right. Is “my two cents” considered as a whole and so it is used with a singular verb? :stuck_out_tongue: )

P.S: I know “syntax” is an uncountable noun, but I just can’t understand why it is. And because I can’t think of anyway to express my idea, I did use the word wrong in my sentence, so please correct it for me.

Many thanks
Nessie :slight_smile:

I think ‘my two cents’ is an abbreviation of “two cents’ worth”. So, as you said, “Here is my two cents” would be better.

Exactly, Haihao. :smiley:

Thanks - I was also wondering which was the correct one to use…!

It’s worth noting that money is often perceived as a unit anyway, so you’ll see “cents” with a singular verb frequently.

Fifty cents is far too little money for such an old child.