here is my new essay, please rate it. Challenging plans VS practical plans

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this is my new essay, please help me rate it. thank u so much

TOPIC:Which is better, challenging plans about one’s future or practical plans about one’s future

To be a successful individual with ideals, it is of importance for one to set up a goal or a plan about the future. Someone asserts that people can achieve success with challenging plans, while others argue that practical plans are better. From my point of view, people with practical objects could reach their goals gradually and eventually.

To begin with, making a practical plan of oneself is based on evaluating one’s ability and other factors objectively and carefully. Under this circumstance, man can accomplish his work or project within what he is capable of and then go on to the next plan. Furthermore, people may not reach their goals and even screw up what they are planning to do under a challenging and unrealistic plan. Clearly, individuals are more likely to attain their expectations and achievements after they well estimate every aspect of the facts and conditions they could face and make a plan with practical consideration.

Secondly, only if the challenging plans are separated into several parts of practical one can we achieve the challenging goals. At the first glimpse, some challenging plans are really difficult and even impossible to accomplish, whereas it is possible for people to reach their goals step by step. For example, there is no guarantee that a college student’s plan, to become the American president in the future, would really come true. But the student can reach his goal through his efforts by attaining each goal in different period and stage. In short, practical plans contribute to the accomplishments of the challenging ones.

Admittedly, one could receive surprising and unexpected results if reached the challenging goals. And sometimes it is the group of people risking to choose the challenging plans that make progress in various realm, such as science, technology, economy and so forth. But for the majority it is proper and wise to have a realistic plan rather than a challenging one.

To sum up, after taking all respects into consideration, I hold that practical plans are better than the challenging ones for most of the people.

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Hi, pretty good essay. I think the conclusion could be a bit stronger. Please see my other suggestions below.

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thank you very much for your corrections. I wonder if I have stated each of my point well, and I will correct the forth paragraph and strenghthen my conclusion.