Here are some of my diary entries...

Dear Diary,

Went away at the weekend. Stayed in the country in a house that’s sport friendly.

Saturday watched two women beating the living daylights out of a ball at Wimbledon. Retired shattered.

Sunday watched two men beating the living daylights out of a ball at Wimbledon. Later saw twenty-two men beating the living daylights out of a much bigger ball in Berlin and then beating the living daylights out of each other. Retired exhausted.

Monday talked endlessly about this daylight beating of balls. Retired worn out.

Tuesday came home.

Note to self: must get out more.


Thanks Alan, this is just what we needed! Your timing couldn’t have been better!

Something vaguely similar has been going on here :x !! It must be the heat…

Hi Alan so it seems you have had a jolly good time ;-). What about some photos? If you send them via email we can put them online if you like…

In the US, we call a person who second guesses the judgment of football players after the weekend is over a “Monday morning quarterback”. We also use this term to describe anyone who pontificates about anything, in politics, social policy, or anything he has no experience in, after everyone can see the results.

Since you don’t have quarterbacks in soccer, what do you call a Monday morning quarterback in your countries?

Hi Slava,

Thanks for your response. I obviously didn’t make it clear that I didn’t see these sporting activities in person but just on tv. Sadly therefore no pictures.

Best wishes


Hi Alan, and what about some photos showing you in action over there in the UK?