Her will I talk to.

Hi expert teachers,

I will talk to her.
Her will I talk to. Can I say also say this because I read in a grammar book but it’s written by a Pakistani writer, so I have to confirm it.

I have to confirm it. OR I have to have it confirmed?

Many thanks.

You cannot reverse the word order in that way.

Either of your questions are acceptable, though strictly speaking you wish to have it confirmed, so the second is the most appropriate.

Thank you, BN.
I must find and kill the author.

No need to go that far, Untaught.
Beating to a near death should be good enough.

‘Beating to a near death’ means to beat someobody to have injuries?

It means beating them until they have such serious injuries they are close to dying.

This is all a bit violent for a Saturday morning! Or for any other day, come to think of it. Untaught, I think your author could be spared if you look upon his example as a flight of poesy as in that setting it could be admissible.

Putting the intensity of the reaction aside (obviously intended to be humorous rather than taken seriously, which I’m sure you realise and I hope everyone else appreciates that fact and doesn’t take it seriously either),
did you notice that Untaught stated it was written in a grammar book, not a poetry book?

Maybe you are right about it being a poetic device, but I suspect you’re being too kind if Untaught is correct about the type of book.

I am lucky because I have native teachers like you to correct my mistakes.

I’ll find him and take him to the gym then I’ll beat him with heavy weights.