Her face registered suprise.

I’m fond of reading Oxford dictionary and memorizing words from it. I found new usage ( to me ) of 'register.

Her face registered suprise.

I’m amused to find new meanings of a frequently used words.

kind regards.

Learning never ends.

You are accurate person Mr Lwin, so don’t worry, it may happen even in British families ( I’m not sure)…

hahah don’t hide your face Mr. Lwin, if we hide our faces after every mistake we are not going to see each other again… hahahah.

Kind regards.

We are always looking for a miracle but the things we are used to seeing are more miraculous than those we are looking for.

Dear Jamilion,

First of all please accept my sincere apologies to drag your reply from that topic to this topic. I Just want to stop that topic. Too thick.

You know how ostrichs hide their faces? I need to do a lot of practice with my writing, not to do ostrich’s hiding style every time I make a mistake.

kind regards.