Help with 2 words: shampooed, processor

Hi guys, first of all, I’m sorry if I post this in the wrong place. Plz, move it where it belongs if needed.

Here’s the thing:

I need help with 2 bloody words I don’t know how to solve a crossword given to me to pass an english test and I don’t have a clue how to figure this out. Any help is needed plz.

The 1st sentence goes like this:

1.- This carpet is really dirty. It needs to be __________ (9 letters)

I guess this word starts with “S”

2.- This is a great new food ____________ . It really helps me chop vegetables more quickly. (9 letters)

By the way, these exercises come along with the book "
New Interchange 3", just in case

Thanks in advance people for your help and time…

Hi blacksnake

The first one might be shampooed.

The second one is probably processor.


That’s more like it! I could only think of ‘suctioned’, but it didn’t sound right (I would never use the term, anyway).

Hi Conchita

You’re right, suctioned would be a weird thing to say in the sentence. But suctioned popped into my head, too … I guess because the words vacuumed and hoovered would be typical possibilities. Unfortunately they don’t have enough letters. Apparently the carpet is incredibly filthy — and beyond the help of simple vacuuming/hoovering. :lol:


Thanks a lot yankee and conchita, you were so helpful. I’m so grateful for all your help guys, seriously.

Thank you again…