Help please..

Hi Everybody,
I listened to a video, but I am not sure of the word ‘another’ whether it’s right. I would be grateful so much if you could help. And pls correct as well another incorrect words. Thanks in advance…
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English is affordable, accessable even fun. Of the seven billion people on the earth today, would you believe less than 10% of the world’s population speak English as their another language. It’s true. English is only the third commonly spoken language in the world today.

But when it comes to as a second language, more people want to learn English than all other languages combined. Estimate indicates that as many as people worldwide are either study in English or would like to learn English. That’s because English is recognized as the language of internet, commerce, medical and scientific research and many other fields.

Learning English opens the door to a better life.

Hi Mr. Luschen, :slight_smile:
I appreciate so much for your help to correct my mistakes… My curiousity is answered.