help me with these sentences

Who can help me with these sentences:
1.The typical English cottage is (unique/quaint/diverse) with a thatched roof and pretty garden.(For me it could be ‘quaint’)
2.I’m afraid it’s (extremely/absolutely/slightly) impossible for me to meet this new deadline.(For me it could be ‘slightly’).
3.What time is the meeting (bound to /due to /certain) start?.(For me it could be ‘bound’).
4.I (go/ ‘ll have gone / ‘ll be going) to the supermarket later so I can pick up some things for you.(For me it could be ‘go’ or’ ‘ll be going’)
5.I didn’t think this government ( would be / was to be /will be ) re-elected.
.(For me it could be ‘would be ’ or ’ was to be’).
6.Max wants to ( enrol / carry out /go on) a creative writing course.
.(For me it could be ‘enrol’ or ’ go on’).
7.(Whoever/However/Whatever) it was that I saw ,it didn’t look very friendly.
For me it could be ‘Whoever’ because we have ‘very friendly’ and it’s about people.

Thank you a lot for your support!

Right answers in bold. Ask away if you have questions about some answers.