Help me with these GRE analogies

Can u help me with these analogies…

provenance : destination :: _________ : ________

a) britheplace : hometown
b) menu : meal
c) recording : transcript
d) travel : itinerary

(a) seems to b the answer but there is no clear bridge.

Q 2) flexor : extensor :: bend : ________

a) straighten
b) twist
c) break
d) fold

Q 3): perspicacious : insight :: __________ : _________
a) churlish : enmity
b) warm : temperature
c) rapacious : magnanimity
d) ardent : quickness

I think its (b), but the ans given is (a) - perspicacious is- having ingight… likewise warm

means- having temperature. But churlish dosnt mean having enmity… it means- being mean or

surly… What do u say??

What is the bridge ??

volatile:temper :: ready:wit

Q5) abstract : painting :: postmodern : ________
a) architecture
b) design
c) style
d) tradition

Q6) prate : speak :: ________ : ________
a) probe : examine
b) soar : travel
c) wheedle : coax
d) saunter : walk

answer given is (d), but… prate is to talk too much, saunter is not to walk too much…it

is to walk slowely.
If (D) id the ans then i think © and (a) can also b the answers !!

Please specify the bridges also…

Many thanks

Hi abhi_ofdoon

My thoughts on the analogies are in the quote in blue .


Hi, yankee
Ur answers helped me, but i have a few problems. They are indicated in RED. Please help…

Hi abhi_ofdoon

I don’t really know what to tell you about provenance : destination :: birthplace : hometown :shock: Like you, I had my problems with that one so I took what I thought to be the best of the lot. Maybe they want you to look at this analogy in the sense of “Your hometown is the place that is ultimately the end or terminus of any journey”. In that case the bridge might be “absolute beginning location : ultimate ending location”. I guess that would be possible.

As to probe : examine
I understand your point, but I see those two words much more as simply synonyms. To my mind “probe” isn’t a specific form or type of “examine”.

I’m curious. Where are you getting your analogies from?



If you’re planning to take one or more of these tests and will have to to write an essay, you really should stop (stop now) writing words like “you” and “your” as “u” and “ur”. Otherwise “u” and “ur” could end up in your formal essay simply because you’re in the habit of writing them that way. And that definitely won’t help your score. :wink:

Hi, Yankee.

Thank u (sorry… it must be ‘You’) for the kind advise. I will sure pay attention to this wrong habbit of mine…

I keep searching these questions on the net.

Here are some more problems which are troubling me. Help me please. (I know that I am disturbing you a lot, but i seriously need your help).

Q 7: arid : dry :: ___________ : ___________

a) saturated : wet
b) humid : damp
c) acrimonious : quarrel
d) acrid : tart

Ans: a

(d) can also b the ans

Q 8: frieze : building :: ___________ : ___________
a) roof : foundation
b) shading : drawing
c) illumination : manuscript
d) column : pillar

ans: c

Q 9: concession : _________ :: perquisite : __________
a) edible / necessary
b) affordable / bearable
c) appreciative / greedy
d) reluctant / welcome

ans: d

Q 10: depart : ascond :: _________ : _________
a) close : occlude
b) speak : harangue
c) intervene : interfere
d) store : secrete

ans: d

Q 11: artery : plaque :: _________ : _________
a) tunnel : wall
b) river : levee
c) track : switch
d) channel : silt

ans: d

Q 12: seek : flee :: ad hominem : _________
a) to the time
b) to the end
c) to the issue
d) to the maximum

Q 13: hover : plunge :: _________ : _________
a) crouch : spring
b) flutter : alight
c) float : swim
d) glide : swerve

Q 15: rig : team :: _________ : _________
a) steamer : piston
b) sled : rail
c) train : locomotive
d) car : truck

Q 16: vestige : remainder :: _________ : _________
a) knife : cutlery
b) hub : wheel
c) angle : slope
d) figurine : statue

Q 17: industriousness : activity :: _________ : _________
a) boldness : strength
b) fastidiousness : selectivity
c) kindliness : animosity
d) anxiousness : apathy

Hi abhi_ofdoon

There are answers given for some of the analogies. Are those your answers? Or are they answers that were provided by the maker of the analogy test (which you don’t understand)? I’m asking because you’ve already had answers for some of your previous analogies.

Also, would you please tell me the source of these analogies? Where are you getting these analogies from? (I don’t want to know which dictionary you’re using to look up words.) Thanks.

For analogies where you’ve either already made a choice or already have an answer (from the creator of the analogy), I assume you want to know or verify a “bridge”. If that’s the case, please write what you think might be the “bridge”.

For analogies where you haven’t yet selected an answer, please at least tell me what you think the answer might be.

And then we can take it from there.


Q10 seems to have a misspelling. I assume it should be abscond.

Dear Amy!

This was not my messedge to which you were asked to reply. But I am so curious about the answers that I am about to post here my bridges. If you have any time and wish to answer I would be very thankful.

7a : arid is extremly dry and saturated is extrime degree of wet

8c : with frieze you can adorn a building and with illumination you can adorn a manuscript

9b : concession makes smth affodable and perquisite makes smth bearable

10d : abscond is to depart secretly and secrete is to store secretly

11d : artery can be contaminated with plaque brought by blood and channel can be contamminated with silt brought by water

12c : that’s difficult, probably flee precedes seek and to the issue precedes ad hominem

13a : hover when cannot plunge and crouch when cannot spring

15d : difficult, probably rig is lighter then team and car is lighter then truck

16d : vestige is a small remainder and figurine is a small statue

17b : industrious is very concenrated on the process of activity and fastidious is very concentrated on the process of selection (perhaps too clumsy…)

Thank you for your time and condiseration.


Hi Daria

I’ve added my thoughts to the quote ([color=blue]in blue). Good thinking!


Thank you very much!!

Dear Yankee,
Sorry I was not there for last few days.
The answers given are my answers. I had no idea for those for which no ans was specified. From now on I will give you the ans more clearly…

I find these analogies on the Internet. I keep searching different sites. Especially

Please help me with these:
Q 18: lullaby : song :: _________ : _________
a) diatribe : discourse
b) invective : compliment
c) narrative : volume
d) paragraph : page

my ans: a
check: Lullaby is a type of song to placate children, invective is a type of discourse

Q 19: tender : acceptance :: _________ : _________
a) exhibit : inspection
b) publish : wisdom
c) authorize : approval
d) declare : observation

Given ans: a
I hav no idead of the bridge.

Q 20: odometer : ________ :: Croesus : _________

a) intelligence / loyalty
b) surprise / monster
c) alphabet / dog
d) distance / wealth

given ans: c
Odometer & Croesus (a very rich man) seems to have no relation.

Q 21: snake : invertebrate :: _________ : _________
a) dolphin : fish
b) eagle : talon
c) boa constrictor : backbone
d) penguin : bird

Given ans: d
Its ok, but then (a) can also be the answer

Q 22: epithet : disparage :: _________ : _________
a) diminutive : respect
b) alias : mislead
c) code : simplify
d) hieroglyphic : mythologize

My ans: b
check: epithet is (usually)used to disparage someone, alais is used to mislead someone.

I want you to plz check if my ans are correct…

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