Help me to improve speaking in English

Dear well wishers,

I can able to write than i speak but i get struck while speaking. Pls suggest me any ways to improve speaking in englih.

I am able to write but when it comes to oral speaking; i have a problem. Please give me some suggestions on how to improve on my English oral skills.

Thank you NS.

Now only I have come to know that I have to improve my written english also :slight_smile:

The people from the English speaking nations will be able to spot my mistakes in that previous post too. (but i can’t spot any myself)… :oops:

Dear NS…

Could you tell me any suggestion to improve my english oral skill?

dear all how can improve my speaking english.while I’m writing I can remember the words,but while I’m speaking
I forgot the words…that is my problem…

dear all how can improve my speaking english.while I’m writing I can remember the words,but while I’m speaking
I forgot the words…that is my problem…

Dear all. How can I improve my speaking English.?

While I am writing I can remember the words, but while I am speaking I forget the words, that is my problem.

Dear Okank, you had better concentrate on mastering one facet of the English language at a time. Your spelling is good, but your writing is not good. Please try harder.


[color=red][b]:roll: why don’t anyone tell a solution for the problem of speaking English?? how to get rid of forgetting the words?? :frowning:
how to get the words to the tongue on the right time without wasting time to remember??:?:

:idea: and I think about a solution for this problem!!!
I don’t know if I’m right or wrong.,
but the solution for the speaking problem can be corrected by :arrow: “READING”!

but you should do two things
:idea: *Reading books [the beginners may prefer books for kids~ because those books use simple language as it’s for kids]
:idea: *correcting the pronunciation [when ever we have problem to pronounce a word or a phrase, we shouldn’t leave that as silly matter, but should correct it by speech engines or online text readers at that time itself]

some one support this??
or got another better solution?

please write here

Amal 8)[/b]

Amalmusica, there is no cut and dried way to learn to speak English, other than by listening, reading, understanding and repeating.

Reading English children’s books is a good idea.

We have here many voice recordings to listen to. I am referring to Alans and Torstens, not our learners. They are still practicing.

The voice recording facility is a Godsend to those who want to hear themselves, and is provided free of charge.

There are surely better ways to do all of these things, we just haven’t discovered them yet.

No-one can help you to remember. That’s an inbuilt gift. Some have it, some don’t, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn.

In my short time on this Forum I have seen unbelievable progress by certain individuals, but they have only achieved this by hard work, and their donation of their free time to achieve this standard.

Nobody promised it would be easy, but nobody said it was impossible either.


Is it difficult.?

Of course learning to speak English is difficult. Very difficult, but not impossible.

I too would find it difficult to speak Chinese, Russian, Indian or Japanese.

It has taken me a lifetime to learn, and I am nowhere near finished yet. It is a constant struggle to learn the meaning of new words, and their correct pronunciation. Add to this the grammar, and you may well ask yourself, just why you bother if it is so difficult.?

It is simply that you don’t have to learn it in a fixed time period. It is like learning any other subject. You first learn the basics, and you learn them well. Only by learning the basics really well can you ever hope to proceed to the more complex parts of the language.

The personal pronouns are the building blocks to any conversation. Without knowing these intimately you will be talking " baby talk. " There is no way that you can ever hope to master any language without a thorough understanding of the personal pronouns, so I would advise all would be English speakers to spend some time, nay, a lot of time, getting to grips with these little fellows.

Speaking written texts is very good for the practice of pronunciation, but what good is it if you don’t really know what you are talking about.?

Let me go further. Perhaps you can read the text perfectly well … can you now sit down and write it, without looking, ensuring that you are stating all of the tenses and pronouns in the correct fashion.? When you can do this, then you have arrived.


I think that English is easiest language to learn.
Because in almost all other language we have about 20% or even more English words.
And English language surround as, every day they televise ( movies,news,songs…) on English.
I would lie if I say that English grammar is easiest, because I don’t know, I know that we have very hard grammar.I think its about ten or more times harder than English grammar.

By the way, what is correct sentence:

Every day they televise ( movies,news,songs…) on English. I think this one is , sound correct.
Every day they televise ( movies,news,songs…) at English.

Every day they televise ( movies,news,songs…) in English.

Thank you, which one is correct down,

Teacher of English? This one?
Teacher in English?

I think teacher in English, mean that teacher who live in English?

What you can do to practise and improve your pronunciation is to record voice messages here on the forum so you can get feedback from other forum members. Are you aware of how the online voice recorder works? If not, please let me know and I’ll tell you.

Many thanks,

PS: Wishing well is not enough. You might want to listen to Is it really difficult to speak English?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Are we the home team or the visitors?[YSaerTTEW443543]

practice your speaking everday

yup. English is language,so that’s why we must practice our English everyday especially for speaking.If you don’t have a partner,you can practice by yourself in front of the mirror.

Good morning DE, you are a buzy-bee.

Teacher of English?
Teacher in English?

Both can be used, but you need to use them in the correct context.

He/She is a teacher in/of English language. Far easier to say, " He/She teaches English." That would be the usual way of saying this.


Hi, Torsten.
I would like to know how I must to do for extrating the best from this course in the forum too, witch are its principal steps and how I must do it. There are many things and really I don’t know from where begining.
Sorry if I don’t make me understand.
Thanks advanced.

Hello Mr Alberto,

The first step for you is to get a headset and install Java so you can use our Voice Recorder. When are you going to do that?


TOEIC listening, question-response: What time do you want to meet?[YSaerTTEW443543]

HI, Torsten.
I don’t know if I’m doing right, but I have no problem with my kit sound and microfone. I can hear you very well and I hope you too.
Please return if something is wrong.

hi how are you im fine and have question how do i improve speak english well