Help me: I can read and understand a paragraph, but I can't write a sentence.

I’m from Viet Nam, I live in Long An town, I’m a Informatics teacher. I have never been attend any course of English. I can read and understand a paragraph, but I can’t write a sentence. I hope every body help me

Good morning Ankhangphuc. There seems to be very little error in your spelling, nor in your comprehension.

Might I suggest that before you begin to write a sentence, that you give it some prior thought.

Also avoid starting each sentence by using " I ". This will always make the text boring because of its repetition.

Please try writing a few sentences, and let us see were you are going wrong. OK ?.


hii Torston and every member of our chat:))
i need your help:))
i can undestand evrything but unportunatle i can not speaking:((
i tring my best to teach more and more but:((
can someone gives me great idea about my problem:))

HI, Good day

I have the same problem I can read and speak very well but

the problem is I can’t write very well as my reading skills or speaking skills

as a solution could help you to improve your writing you shoud write any thing every day and ask any one to help you with your mistake than you shoud rewrite it and with time you will see your writing geting improve

I wish the suggested above helpful for the problem you deal with


Jousef, Just a suggestion.

Hi, Good day

I have the same problem. I can read and speak very well, but my main problem is that I can’t write as well as I can read & speak.

As to a solution to improving your writing, you should write something every day, and then ask someone here on the Forum to help you to recognise your mistakes.

Then you should re-write it, and with time you will see your writing improve.

I hope that you find the above suggestion helpful.

Regards, Jousef.

Hi Leka,

You need to change some of your habits. For example, are you ready and willing to follow basic rules? Your text shows that you still need to work on the basics. I’m sure you learned that in English we start each sentence with a capital letter and that the personal pronoun “I” is always capitalized. We also put a full stop at the end of each sentence. If you know these rules why do you think you don’t need to follow them? If you ignore even these basic rules, how can you learn anything?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: In front of a store[YSaerTTEW443543]

thank’s man I will re-write it now

Hi Jousef,

You need to change some your habits. For example, you have developed the habit of ignoring basic rules. How can you improve your writing skills if you don’t care about the simplest rules? Do you know which rules I’m referring to?

Also, in addition to writing texts yourself you need to read and analyze texts. By analyzing I mean you should pay close attention to how phrases and sentences are constructed. Try to use only those constructions you know are correct. Don’t invent your own grammar rules. For example, here is one of your sentences: “I wish the suggested above helpful for the problem you deal with”

Now, where did you learn that sentence? Have you ever read it before or have you just made it up yourself?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Two forklifts[YSaerTTEW443543]

I understand your advise,I looked for all the word or phrase in my memory to write but it is poor, to improve this, I 'm trying to study. I’m very busy, every day I go to teach, all day. I have a son, his name PhucAnKhang Nguyen. He’s two years old, I only studying English when he sleeping. I’m try and try.

Hi ,my teacher

I was reading in some book ,and I try to remember that what I was reading, so I wrote what I remembered ,but really I want to developing my grammar writing .If you can recommend a benefint book for my to help my to solve my problem ?that will be increadibly nice of you

Thank’s for your help