Help me correct these sentences which is incorrectly using context

Day 1:

  1. Rage.
  • My entertainment is to get my sister mad with my freaking jokes, and you know that, she jump up and down with rage but she cannot do anything to cover her.
  • Starvation raged a long time so many animals and people died of.
  1. Assert
  • The authorities strongly assert that they have no responsibility for the crime rage recently.
  • When someone want to be invest, they have to assert that their revenue company will boost in the range from 30% to 40% after this year.
  • They engaged a newspaper to public and assert that they are innocent.
  1. Adamant
  • I’m trying to convince my friend of his opinions but he’s so adamant that he’s right.
  • How can I do to change his adamant decisions?
  • His father adamantly opposed her second marriage, because of his poverty.
  1. Rigid
  • To boost national economy and recover from financial crisis, the government should change their rigid policies.
  • I was completely rigid when she told she loved me.
  1. Vehement
  • Despite vehement opposition from local residents, the major adamantly continues to execute a plan.
  • When I gave them my opinions, and they vehemently objected.
  1. Oppose.
  • The proposed new method of teaching has adamantly opposed because of having no flexible and reality.
  • Anything he said so apparently his girlfriend opposed.
  1. Above-mentioned
  • These above-mentioned consequences could take place immediately.
  • According to what her above-mentioned things, we can imagine that what advantages we can benefit from.
  • With above-mentioned issues which cannot resolve extensively can be an enormous problem gradually.
  1. Preponderant
  • Music and Art apparently would be a side subject at almost Vietnamese high schools.
  1. Positive outcome.
  • Most parents hope their sons have positive outcomes but they don’t exactly know, they are putting pressure on them.
  • Positive outcomes are things which any educated person wants to reach.
  • When I was in the twelfth grade, I had not tried to get positive outcomes, so now, I could not apply any full scholarship to study aboard.
  1. Rely on, depend on.
  • He could not be mature because of his dependence on his parents. (because he depends on his parents too much.)
  • I can help him homework but cannot solve difficulties to him when he faces with his test at school, so he should not rely on me.
  1. Exemplify (v). Exemplification (v).
  • To strongly what you think, you should give me some exemplifications.
  • She tried to explain to audiences by exemplifying lots of real examples.
  1. Incontrovertible, irrefutable (adj)
  • His support and contribution to build this village is incontrovertible, but he abuses his position to create crazy rules.
  • Your arguments are definitely true but an irrefutable fact is, it’s also true if you put yourself in my shoes.
  • An irrefutable evidence is, this guy had killed her dog by poison, jump over the wall and break-in this house.
  1. Convey
  • I really want to listen his speech again because he conveyed many things useful for me.
  • Wow, she has a splendid voice and this advantage lets her convey everything attractively.
  1. Manner. (n: way, behavior, type)
    o way
  • With same materials and teacher, the difference of positive outcomes relies on the manner of studying.
  • Different manners of cooking diverse many new styles with same materials.
  • With the same manners of organization and operation but apparently this company has higher revenue and do more effectively than the rest.
    o behaviour
  • Although he is 30 years old, he should be taught to change his bad manner.
  • This educated climate shape him into his present manner.
  • The way to change her manner is take care of her more and show your respect to her.
    o Type
  • I have lots of faces, can you guess what manner am I?
  • He treat badly with his parents, wife and blood relatives but he is so friendly with others. I cannot imagine what manner of human he is.
  1. Gesture (n,v: cử chỉ)
  • A rude gesture can change a good attitude to worse.
  • He cannot say anything but he helps me by gesturing me on right direction.

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