Help me corect my writing - an accademic recomendation letter( imagine you were my teacher :are you persuaded by what ideas I wrote?


I am privileged to write in support of my dear employee and colleague, Nguyen Minh Duong. I have known Duong for the past five years, having served as both his employer and his colleague. During this time I have witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development comes not only in the area of leadership but in maturity and character as well. I believe Duong would be an excellent addition to your course.

Duong is known as an innovative young male teacher in the school’s foreign language group and expected to bring improvements in teaching methods and student career orientation. I wish Lao Cai High School for the gifted to comprehensively innovate the way of teaching and learning English at school and to be an innovative model replicated in Lao Cai province. I expect and fully believe in Duong after this master’s course, he can advise the school to build a perfect English program both in theory and practicality. In addition, organizing extracurricular activities to develop life skills for students needs organizers with leadership qualities. I have found that in Duong in organizing English club extracurricular activities where he is the chairman. Especially, an extra-curricular program called 12-hour Challenge has been an extra-curricular model for schools in the whole province.In recent years, the rate of unemployed school students after graduating from university is increasing because initial career orientation is not effective. Therefore, having been learned new methods and new knowledge related to vocational education, Mr. Duong will be the main factor to solve this problem.

Until now, Mr. Duong has been known as a leader in the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at the school. He used to hold the position of secretary for many years before. Mr. Duong impressed me with his students’ management skills.In fact, Lao Cai High School for gifted students is known for the learning environment where students have a high sense of discipline, this has a significant contribution of Mr. Duong as the head of the student management board. I also appreciate Mr. Duong’s creativity and enthusiasm through the radio program called La Casette founded by him. The radio program is a place to answer all students’ questions about learning, school or future career orientation for students through daily broadcast news.

Given the excellent education of your university, I am confident that Duong will be able to prepare himself at best for future endeavors. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (+84)888736888 or

Sincerely yours,



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