help grammar (a morning / one morning / in the morning)

Hey guys who can help me with this exercises ( u have to choose one of the alternatives):

Anyway, a morning/one morning/in the morning as i was walking to work saw i /i saw/did i see a young chap sitting on a piece of cardboard on the pavement outside a tube station in the city centre. just one glance at him told me he was mentally ill. he was sitting hunched up , holding a newspaper in his hands, and he was talking to his left shoulder in a way that seemed absolutely/total/fully crazy.

this was obviously a genuinely needy/one of the genuinely needy/a genuinely need . i thrown/throws / threw a pound coin in front of him, and glanced quickly to catch the expression of surprise and gratitude that was sure to follow. Hey, you, what’s that then? the man shouted. he sounded wondering, but not very gratefully/greatful/’s for , i said wondering if i’d give/given/giving

him too much or too little. wait a sec., Fred, ’ he said to the mobile phone that was stuck between his chin and left shoulder. and then he sproke to me on/in/with a voice that was becoming more and more aggresive. what the hell do you mean , it’s for me?


This is my answer. Please correct me if wrong. morning
2.i saw
4.a genuinely need


Hi Sese
I have corrected the errors in your original text. (My corrections are in [color=blue]blue.) I do not agree with all of Airo’s answers, but I think you should try to do this exercise yourself before one of the teachers here gives your the answers. If you don’t at least try to do the exercise first, you won’t learn.

Thanks for havin correct my exercise, but i wrote it quickly so i didnt take my attention on that although i already did this exercise and i just wanted to compare with what i did that is it.

What were your answers, Sese? :wink:

What Amy is trying to say is that some of the answers suggested by Hairol are not rightl. (or maybe it is due to him or her living in the UK - as we all know the difference between American and British English is little but tangible :lol: )
And you probably wanted to say I didn’t pay attention to that :wink:

Hi Alex

This is not a case of BE vs AmE. This is a case in which I think Sese should post his/her selections first. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you? :wink:

With regard to Airo’s answers, perhaps numbers 4 and 5 might be “typical” in Liverpool, but I’d say they would be incorrect in any British grammar book. Sentence 6 is just plain weird, so I personally don’t like any of the options. I think that Airo’s choice for sentence 7 is not the most commonly used collocation. :wink:

Hi all,

I’m not a British but studying here and still learning this language (also from this great forum). That why I’m not sure the right answer. It is based on my understanding. Amy and Alex is right that we should be polite on how we write as well as what we write and we should show our effort first before ask any help.




Yankee says she has written her corrections in blue - so be it. But I can’t see the blue corrections. Is my eyesight failing because I can’t see no blue!


Hi Alan

No, your eyesight is not failing. Amy only corrected the errors in the original text.