Beauty is something changable from person to person.You may see it on a beautiful girl or you may feel it in somewhere inside you.

   I want to mention about the second one and in my opinion which is the real one. When I help a poor or homeless person I feel proud of myself and sleep in peace when I go to the bed.Some of them even can not find food  to eat and some of them have to endure in cold wheather condition.They only expect compassion and care.I was decieved one or two times by the people who seemed very poor in fact they were not.But I believe in that famous motto ; exceptions do not spoil the truth.So I did not quit  helping the poor and homeless people.On  the other hand ,this problem can not be solved by little contributions.The government has to pay attention to this crucial subject and must make  some laws regarding to this issue.In addition to the laws the government has to found new buildings which are compulsory for the homeless people in winter.And in the hospitals there should be a special division which homeless people can stay and take health care without paying money.Rich people should donate money unconditionally to the government for the sake of the homeless and poor people.In every country there are such campaigns for the people who wants to be a volunteer for the homeless people.We should  involve ourselves and do our best in this kind of drives.

       As a conclusion , there are some people who can not find food to eat or doesn't have a room to live and they are not so far away  from us.We should be aware of them and help unconditionally.


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I exactly agree with you and i appreciate you for your kindness

thank you buddy