Helo everyone! My name is Suzie, from Indonesia. I want to making friends...

Nice to meet all of you, can’t wait to be your friend…
Anyone from the same country ,please welcome,

Hey,How does it go?I´m not from the same country as you suggested but,i´m very keen to learn english as well…I hope you don´t mind of having a faraway friendship either…This is my first day in this forum,and i´ll be loking forward to your reply!!See you!!

Hi gilson…
Very glad to have a frienship from faraway… So we can share our culture, or anything different from it.

What is your native language?
What do you think about my country,Indonesia?


Hi Zee,

It’s good to see a fellow countrymen in this forum. I thought that we’re running out of Indonesians who wants to learn English! LOL.

So tell me, what makes you interested in learning English?

Hi Zeee2010
I am Mohammed from KSA DAMMAM i am here to improve my Engilish and also to have friends , i wish all the best

Hi icecream ,

Glad to see a fellow Indonesian as well, :slight_smile:
Many reason why I interested in English,
Firstly, I want to be able to speak English fluently. My english is very bad specially speaking, as you already known, from elementary school to college was always having english lessons, most of all about grammar lessons, and its not much help(for me, its make me unable to speak,actually make me always think,then make my brain blank, and its end up without said a single word)(Frankly, i hate grammar :frowning:

Secondly, my home town is not from the city, grow up in the small town,(precisely small village) and then I had to work and stay in the city, I just realized that could speak english is more advantage to get better job.(But now a days, Chinese language, “Mandarin”, is very highly needed for working in better company or branch company of china, you will get big salary easily. ( Fiuhhh… i wish i could speak both of them!
Unfortunately Indonesian unlike our neighbour countries like singapore and malaysia, which has been using English in everyday conversation, even though they using mixed language such as singapore using Singlish, and their pronunciation is not very good,at least they have been accustomed to use english conversation.
So if you live in Singapore , may be you could speak cantonese language, chinese language and english language.

I was not born in internet era yet, unlike today’s children which still in elementary grade, are already able to operate freely the internet, they get used quickly to surfing many networks such as twitter,facebook, messengers and many others to keep contact with other friends all over ther world. I’ve seen elementary school children who speak english fluently, I always envy and admire them, i wish i were them.

I realized it was a bit late to start learning English again, but at least I can start learn from this site and from other people who has same interest, learn english together, and of course i hoping all of you want to making friend with me.
Frankly,to make all these sentences, need hours for me :’(
So please corrected if there are wrong sentences above.