Hello my name is viev.i’m from australia.how are you today?

Hello viev. My name is Nicole. I’m from Germany. I’m a new member and trying to improve my english.

Hi, View, and welcome to the forum. My name is Cordeiro and I’m from Brazil, so, my first language is Portuguese, but I wish to improve my English. Do you have English as your first language?

Hello nicole, how are you today?actually i’m from Phillippines now i’m here in australia beacuse my husband is australian.my first language is cebuano from Cebe Phillipines second language english but I would like to improve my english too.nice to chating you here in forum.keep in touch.have a nice day.god bless u.

Hello cordeiroll hows your day?actually my first language is cebuano.I’m from Phillipines.Now im here in australia,i would like to improve my english too.keep in touch guys.god bless u all.take care.

Hi View, thank you very much for sharing your ideas and experiences with us. Can you please do yourself a favor and stick to basic spelling rules? For the example the following words do not exist in English: ‘english’, ‘u’, ‘hows’, ‘australian’. I recommend you install a spell checker in your browser so the program will correct any of your typos and spelling errors automatically. More on this here: english-test.net/community/i … ing_skills[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi, View. God bless you too. I am very glad today because I am almost finishing the English Grammar Elementary tests. Performing these tests, I have identified my weak points in English and I intend to study these points in the near future. Are you using the tests to identify your weak points too? I intend to study business English too, because my main motivation to learn English is professional. And you? What is your main motivation to learn English? Have you a gread day!