[color=violet]Hi! My name is Ivy. I was an English teacher in Taiwan. I came to Canada and found myself not being able to communicate with others because i am not used to hearing people talking THAT fast and also because there are too many Canadian modern people “talk” or “slangs” that I have NEVER heard of. That’s why I am trying to learn something from here.

Hello Ivy,

Welcome to the English-test forum. My name is Megan. I’m an American but I live in the Netherlands now. It seems we have both moved to different countries. How are things for you in Canada, aside from the language issue?

Take care!

hello Ivy


Thank you Megan, I am fine in Canada right now. And what about you? What language do you speak in Netherlands? I’ll check out the Listening, speaking, pronunciation and accent training section of the forum thank you.