Hi members my name is Sam from Nigeria. I wish to learn more in English

Hello to everybody,

My name it’s Rosario. I’m from Bolivia which is in South America. It’s a very beautiful country. It’s surrounded by mountains. I’m from La Paz the capital of Bolivia. Today it’s incredibly how it has changed. When I left my country it was so different than the way it looks today. I have seen photos that look like New York, and it’s La Paz. There are many huge buildings very modern, and you can by anything you want because they import just about everything that it’s needed in the country. Bolivia it’s considered a rich country. Because the minerals, the vegetation of food in general. To live in my country it’s inexpensive, because mainly the food doesn’t cost much. There are too many Native American retired people living there and they live quite well.
We have the beautiful lake “Lago Ticicaca” it’s amazing how big, blue color, it looks like the ocean. Tourist love to go there.
Growing up I went to a Sacred Heart school, where the nuns where French and Spanish, a Catholic school. I had too many girlfriends and I have had a great times at the parties that my friends did have every weekend. I love to dance and I’m good at it.
I came to the States because a tragic accident occurred to my fiance who was a pilot. He pass a way, so I came here to continue my life. Luckily I got a job as a secretary typist the third day I have arrived here. There are a lot to tell about Rosario, but for now I think it’s enough.

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Hello Torsten,

I did what you have ask me to do. I wrote about where I come from. Now please tell me how do I get to read the reply.
I’m sure it’s not a big issue, but I have been trying, and no luck.

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Hello Torsten,

I have wrote about where I come from and I did the test #17
Can you please tell me how do I get to my reply. I can’t find how to
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Hi Rsrlopera
I think it’s better to send a private massage to Torsten. Then you’ll be replied for sure.

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