hello every one… I hope best for you

Hi Khart555,

I’m pleased to welcome you in our useful forum and I hope help each other to learn English language.
How long have you been studying English?

I’m look forward to seeing your reply.

Best Regards,

Anwar Ali

hi anwar.nice to meet you I’m happy for this site too for finding it what’s up in you’re country? I study english for about 1 year how about you?

Dear khart555,

Thank you for your reply.I’m also i think this site “forum” is useful to improve our English language.I have been studying Business English language for one year and i feel my language is little improved.

Sorry I’m not understand your question “[color=red]what’s up in you’re country?” but i guess you did mean “[color=blue]what is the situation in your country?”.

Bahrain situation is unstable and during this week Aljazeera English media has published film “shouting in the dark” talking about Bahrain revolution and what is happen in Bahrain .

This is link video

[color=red]However,My Next question

[color=blue]Can you define yourself?

Best Regards,

dear anwar. thank you for your replying.yahh exactly I mean the situation.you konw Bahrain situation is exactly like Iran situation but the big difference… Our shouts were drowning by our powerful goverments Iran in the past was a big socity but now… sorry anwar my writing skill is not very well if you find a mistake please sorry me. I’m 20 and single but choose my husband.I want to marry with my boyfriend hi is very nice boy we love each other.he’s studying engineering in university.we have a lot of plans.now I working in a small school i’m painting teacher here my student are very nice and creative and give me a lot of ideas.I love my course anwar,i study painting in art university but I hope to come another country because I want to continue my lessons in another country like Englan our spain or mybe france.But mi wishes countries are Scotland and Egypt. Now is your turn,tell me about yourself.and after that i have abig question anwar, are the arab’s peole hate from iranian?what’s your idea please tell me with the reason. thank you.with best wishes for you

Good after noon Ms.Khart555,

I hope you are doing well today.I’m sure the two of you will make a wonderful couple.

I’m 28 years old and I’m single.I have Bachelor degree in Engineering.My ambition complete my English study. However,As you know Muslims divided into two sections Sunni and Shiite.After the Revolution of Iran, Sunnis Gulf Arabic Leaders start to think that Iran wants to export their Revolution to Gulf Arabic and that will threatens to bring down their thrones.they think Iran is seeking to topple their thrones but, Arabic Shiite love Iran and they consider Iran the garrison to them.I like Iran and I have been there for 3 times.

Best wishes,

hello mr ali. thank you for replying I get my answer 50-50…I’m happy you like Iran as you know Iran is a lovely country… good wishes

Hi khatereh,It’s me!!! :wink:

Hi Elhaam,

I’m pleased to welcome you in our forum and I hope you’re enjoying in ESL forum.

[color=blue]Can you define yourself?

Best wishes,

Hi Anwar,

‘Define’ is unlikely to be the correct word. I think you mean, ‘Can you describe yourself?’

hi mss rahati…how are you I’m really happy because of you… thank you very much[/img]

I,m pouya.do you read my comment?

hi dear pooya…yes of course thank god pooya at the end you do it.

Hi Beeesneees,

Thank you so much for the correction.

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