Hello Torsten

Hi Torsten
Im from Laos, but live in Australia Sydney,I can say is destiny take me to you,I got a car accident 4 months ago Im still in my convalescent,so it give me the opportunity to learn my English,I know my English is bad please rectify my mistake.
I`m so keen for the next mail.

Hi Torsten,

It seems the finally I got connected to forum, I have been trying for awhile but with no success. I’m from Connecticut, but originally from Spain, and even though I live in this country for more then thirty years (I know, that is a long time) but my English still unacceptable. I have spent too many years ignoring the language, maybe because many of my friends are also from my native country. Now the time has come to give the importance that requires the English language in my life. So, I’m willing to to go though this magnificent program of yours to get better in my grammar and above all speaking.
Antonio Jimenez

Hi Torstern,

I like very much to know english,by mistake i don’t know pronounstion,verbs thats way i am feeling shy ,to be explain my self.

Thank you always i received your lesson, I read but how can i ask question because everything i see in the forum,is it possible to use my email address? to ask any question?another thing if i can get cd for learning it will be much good

Thank you

Hi Torstern,
Thanks a lot for the lesson that you emailed.
I am from Bhutan. I am a teacher by profession. I studied till xiith grade.I have completed my bachelor of education in mathematics. Now I wanted to undergo masters in education. But as I am not good in english,I didnot get the opportunity. So I hope with your support I can sit for the examination to under go my masters course.
Thanking you with anticipation
Kuenga Loday

Hi Torsten.

Finally I got through again. I’ve been trying for days without avail and the problems is that I do no know how I did it this time, perhaps it was my lucky day.

First of all I want to thank you again for your magnificent program. I have been studying very hard since I received my first assignment. And I have to tell you that my progress is coming along with a great satisfaction.

As I mentioned in my last massage, I live in Connecticut and I’m originally from Spain.

I have to apologize but I’m out of time, but I promise that I will be back with a lot to tell.


Dear Mr. Torsten,
Last week, I sent you my personal profile. Did you get it? Thank you so much for your English lessons. Now I write some sentences using the simple present.
My name’s Phung and I live in Cantho city, Vietnam. I work for the Rice Research Institute of Mekong River Delta. My best friend’s name is Nga and she works for the Rice research Institute, too. We both like raising rice productivity and improving the farmers’ standard of living.

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick note to let you know I read all of your posts even though I don’t always answer them right away. Please keep posting your messages here on the forum.

Best regards and many thanks,

TOEIC listening, photographs: Rickshaws[YSaerTTEW443543]

Thanks for the seventh lesson.
My name is Kuenga Loday and I live in Bhutan. I work in the school as teacher. My wife’s name is Singay Om and she is a house wife.We like helping each other.