Hello! Native speaker here.

Hello! I’ve joined the forums to become more familiar with the online ESL community.

I am running a new service dedicated to connecting English second language students with a native speaker via Skype so students may apply what they have learned. People can schedule a conference call with a group which includes other ESL students and a native speaker to practice their conversational English with. The service is intended to be a supplement, not a replacement, for proper English instruction or tutoring.

The service currently offers beginner and intermediate sessions (if you are understanding this well, then congrats! You are definitely ready for the intermediate session {-: ).

Services will expand in the future based on user feedback, as well as what I learn from ESL communities such as this one.

One of my biggest goals on the business side of the service is to provide jobs for native English speakers who are unable to work due to disability. I believe it is a service that many people who suffer from different disabilities can still provide. It would be great to give them an opportunity to earn an income while fulfilling the needs of the ESL community. This would be a win-win for me.

I’ll probably be lurking or posting here and there. You are welcome to PM me with questions or feedback.



hello! welcome to the forum!
enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Hi Engether,

Your idea is great. I think that will be a great opportunity for those who want to improve their spoken English. Why don’t you share some information about how to join in Skype conference with ESL students and English native speakers?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Kind regards,


Hello Tuan,

Engether wants you pay to register for the sessions. Any users who are considering joining need to note that Engether’s website says on the ‘about us’ page that they are not a tutoring service. The chats are with native English speakers on a variety of subjects, but they are an opportunity to practice speaking, not to learn about English grammar. It is unclear whether the native English speakers who will lead the chats have any qualifications or experience in teaching English.

Hi Beeesneees,

Thank you for your information. I got it now.