Hello, My name's Igor, I'm from Ukraine.

Hi everyone. My name’s Igor, I’m from Ukraine. I’d like to improve my English and meet interesting people from all over the world that’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

Hello, igor!
I’m from Bulgaria, and I am very pleased to meet you. You’ve come at the right spot.

Hello Igor,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum and welcome to english-test.net. Your English seems to be pretty good already, how long have you been learning it? What do you do, are you a student?

Talk to you soon.

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Thank’s for your reply.
I’ve been learning english for 3 years at the university in ukraine but my speciality is accounting.
I’m in canada now and i’m going to study, i have to pass exams so i’d like to improve my knowledge.
By the way, do you speak russian?

So you are in Canada now, that’s great to hear. What kind of exams do you have to pass and what are you going to study? As for me, I started learning Russian as a kid and still speak it frequently.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’m going to apply for Master in Finance program so I have to pass Cantest or TOEF and GMAT or GRE.
I’ve read your professional summary it’s awesome

Hi SkiIucK. Thank you for your reply. How is it going? What is your future occupation?

A very hard question that you are placing, igor. :slight_smile:

Hello Victor

I am Elijah from Zambia, I was Introduced to you by Mr. Tostern who takes me in English on the english-net. He talked about your hobbies which was very interesting to me. He also mentioned to me Ukraine where you come from which was interesting too. Making to places is one of my hobbies so since I have never been to your country before I would like you to tell me more about your country.
Let me also take this opportunite to share something with you about myself.
My hobbies are Watching Soccer, Playing Volley ball, Reading books, listening to music, travelling and Going to Church.
I am working as an accountant for one of the companies in Kitwe on the copperbelt of Zambia. I am married with one kind.
Our counry (Zambia) is a very nice place to leave in if you want to enjoy peace on this earth. It is very cool with good natural tourism attractions such as the Victoria falls in Livingstone, Musonda falls just to metion a few. I will end here for now, we will share alot as we come to know each other better.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon on the forum.

Best regards.

Elijah Mwewa