Hello! My name is Rina. I'm from Cambodia. I live in Siem Reap. Now I studing...

hello all of you!
my name is Rina.I’m from cambodia.i live in Siem Reap.Now i studing at Angkor University,siem reap.

I’m verry happy to become a member of Forum.

Rina :lol:

hello all of you!
my name is Rina.I’m from cambodia.i live in Siem Reap.Now i studing at Angkor University,siem reap.

I’m verry happy to become a member of Forum.

Hello to all of you.

My name is Rina. I’m from Cambodia. I live in Siem Reap. I am now studying at Ankgor
University, Siem Reap.

I’m very happy to become a member of the Forum.

Welcome Rina. Kitosdad.

Hello everybody,

I am here too. To be in a placae among many people who l dont know at all is a bit weird but when this happens in virtual world like this forum the situation changes. So this place is a very useful media for me to get rid of my such feelings.

I am here to know all of you. I belive that you will add colours to my dark world.

Best regards to all.


Hello dear Rina,
welcome aboard, this Joao Fonseca from Brazil, I always wanted to know what language you guys speak ? does it look like chinese or Japanese ? let’s exchange some info about ourselves. how about it ?

Dear Joao,

let me introduce myself, l am from Turkey and l am an architect with my own small business.

l would like to congragulate you on your fascinating score. Torsten, in his latest mail has recommend me to meet you and showed your succes as an example of how someone can manage to reach such an english level by taking enough time on taking the given exams.

I would be happy to hear from you.

I also want to see Torsten here in this section of forum.

Best regards to all the members.

Good morning Ege.

Come out of your dark world into the light of our friendship.

You are most welcome.


Hello Fonseca !
I am very happy to hering from you.hm ! I live in cambodia it mean i speak Khmer language.how about you?I am 22 years old.I am a girl.
did you use to visit cambodia?how about Angkor Wat?

I am happy to tell other info about my self to you more.

I would like to know about your self too.


What a warm welcome for me,

thanks indeed Mr. Kitosdad.

l wish a good and fruitful day for you and for all the members of our privileged forum.

Best regards.

Ege, I’m sure that others would have given you the same welcome, but some are still asleep due to the time difference.

Yes indeed, we do have a very friendly group here, and I just love it.

You appear a very interesting guy … please tell us a little more about yourself.


ps. I have to go out now until 2pm, but I look forward to reading your reply.

Take care.

Dear Kitosdad,

I am here, among you such a privileged population, to increase my english to a certain level.

Kitosdad my dear friend l have marked you as the first person who said hello to me with a warm welcome, therefore you have a private place in my heart.

I am architect and my own boss in my small project design office. l like my job very much. l would like to know about you, could you please mention you and your life briefly for time being.

l look forward to hearing you soon.


I live in ESSEN in Germany, although I originally came from England. In England I was born, and lived for almost 50 years, in a small town called Hartlepool, which is on the North-East coast of England. It was a small town, known for its steel-making and fishing industry. It had a wonderful community spirit about it, but over the years the town has grown and the people have moved further from the original centre into newer, more modern houses. The first houses were more better described as cottages, without bathrooms, and with an outside toilet, and with two or three children sharing the same bed. No comforts in those days. Every child walked to school with their neighbourhood friends. Parents never had to go to the school with them, because the children were always in the company of others.How things have changed, but have they changed for the better ?

Prior to coming to Germany I lived in Torquay for almost 20 years. Torquay is on the South West coast. It is known as " The English Riviera " because of its temperate climate, and of course the palm trees growing there.

But like " the grass is greener " story, the beauty of Torquay, is in the eye of the beholder.


Dear Kitosdad,

While I expected to receive a response mail You sent a wonderful story. I will write a good answer to you today at my earliest convenience.

Best regards,

My Dear Friend Kitosdad,

I have found the places in which you had lived prior to your coming to Germany. From this small but delicious story l have drawn a conclusion that you are English or am l mistaken?

As for the change issue, you are right. In the past the relationships between people were better since they were based on honesty and cooperation and also solidarity. This sublime apprehension shown itself as a reflect of archtitecture and the whole structure of life. Unfortunately, it is impossible to mention about any of those sublime behaviours today in our so-called modern and global world .

Your message was more than a reply and it was completly reminiscent of missed old days.

Kitosdad could you mention about what are you doing, l mean your job?

and mentione a bit about your family

Best regards,

Gladly Ege,
I’m English, as you have already stated. Coming up to 71 years of age this next July.

My Mother is 91 years old, and still alive and kicking, although many miles from me now, as she is still in Hartlepool in an old peoples home. She suffers from memory fatigue, but is not anywhere near the dementia state as yet.

My son Alan, who is 46 years old, and lives with his family in Ireland, near Limerick.They live deep in the country, with only four neighbours, and having been a city boy all of his life, I am amazed as to how he has settled for the country life.He makes pine furniture for private customers and businesses, and he does well at it. He is very industrious, and I’m so proud of him and his little family. Both girls ( 11 & 6 ) are extremely intelligent, and his wife Nadine is a qualified TaiChi (?) instructress.

My daughter Tina, is 50 years of age, and she has a family of five children. Three of them have attended Birmingham University and graduated with Honours. The two younger ones are preparing to enter Technical colleges. Tina is a fully qualified Reflexologist and in the evening she is a Spiritualist. Busy girl. Her husband Kevin, is a quantity surveyor for Torquay Borough Council. He is 54 years old. They all live in Torquay.

My ex-wife Beryl, to whom I was married for 42 years, is simply a housewife and Grandmother. Unfortunately we are no longer on speaking terms.

Myself ?. I am a nonentity.