Hello! My name is Aldin, I'm 17 year old and I going in high school...

Hi all,

Im new here,Im happy becouse i find forum like this.and i believe that i will improve my English. My name is Aldin,im 17 year old and i going in high school.

Like first i have some question,if u are glad to answer me.

  1. Word swore mean something like (fly,flying) ?
    Can we say, We swore like (is here a or the) birds?

2.Word bafflement mean confused?
Can we say, He stare at me in bafflement?


Hello Aldin, welcome to the Forum.

Maybe you are a little confused. I think the word you are seeking is SOAR, like a bird.

I don’t think you mean bafflement, probably bewilderment.

" He stared at me in bewilderment. "

Correct phrase is this,what i read…
He looked at our baggage in bafflement.
Than i ask my friend what bafflement mean,she say (something like confused)

One teacher say me,never remember singular word,make a phrase of that word and u will learn it quicker.

With word swore,correct phrase is this
However hard we squeezed and swore to the saddle bags,it couldn`t all fit in.
I again ask friend what word swore mean,she s something like fly…

Definitly I`m confused :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, bafflement, means frustration. He looked at you as though you were crazy for asking him to do such a thing.He was very annoyed and frustrated.

He swore at the bags, because they would not accept your amount of clothing etc,.

He thought that by shouting and swearing at the bags, that he could achieve the impossible … the bags were too small.

Again, your friend meant SOAR, like a bird.
" I again ask friend what word swore mean,she s something like fly…"

Thanks much,so can i say,“He stare(d) at me in bafflement”?

Not really. Sounds strange.

You could say, " He stared at me in amazement."

Can u give me some example when i can use bafflement?

Sorry, I cannot imagine using bafflement in any sentence.