Hello, I'm Rasmey, from Cambodia ... Nice to join here with all of You :)

:slight_smile: Hello every body,

My name is Rasmey, I’m from Cambodia, 20years old. I am waiting my admission to study Master in Management. I’ve just joined this site for 2days. I’m so happy to know this site and to introduce myself to all of you here.

Well, I used to study English at school, but I had stopped it since I was in grade Intermediate. My course in university are all in French, except the course of economics analysis which is in English, so I speak and understand French more than English.

I need to study English as it’s international language, and it’s required in my Master program and in business international communication. I hope I can improve my English by joining this interested website. English is very useful in our everyday life.

I’m supposed to take a TOEIC in next month, so I need to prepare myself for it, I have promised myself to work harder and harder in order to get a satisfied result. But I find it’s not that easy… I have difficulties in writing English. I think the problem is the fact that I lack of new vocabulary such as expression used to connect one phrase to another, language tools… and also grammar.
Whatever, I’ll try hard.

Best Regards,

Dear Rasmey,

Many thanks for joining our forum and sharing your experiences with us. It’s interesting to hear that all your courses at university are in French. I know that many people in Cambodia speak French although the official language is Khmer, is that right? When did you start learning French and how often do you speak it? As for your English, you can improve it if you surround yourself with the language. For example, you should try to listen to English audio for at least 1 hour every day. The first thing after you get up in the morning should be to switch on an English language TV or radio station. Then, on your way to university you can listen to an audio book or podcast using an MP3 player.

If you do this for a couple of days, you will start having correct English phrases in your head without “working hard”. Learning English should be fun.

Let me know what you think.

TOEIC listening, photographs: In front of a store[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Rasmey,

I am currently working in Phnom Penh and plan to take TOEIC test here, could you give me some information about the process taking exam in Phnom Penh?

Thank you very much.

Looking forward your reply and messages.



Dear Hansen,

Well, talking about the test, I toke Toeic test since August 2008, I scored 700. I toke it at Apsara television station, actually it was my university who arranged us to take the test. For more infos about the the date of the test or where you can take it, you can go to BBU near the riverside, ask the school for more infos, because this test is not taken place in every school or every time, so you have to ask them first when there is a Toeic test.

You want to know about the process of the test or how to prepare for the test?Well, we have “Listening Comprehension” section which takes 45miniutes and “Reading” section takes 75minutes, so there are a total of 200items; total time allowed for the test (including administrative tasks) is approximately 2hours30min.

Toeic representative keep individual test scores for 2years.

How can you get a better score on the Toeic? You have to work quickly, read the direction quickly…and pay much attention on the time, avoid being stuck with the difficult questions, I mean you have to do the next or the other question which you think it less difficult…and then turn back for the very difficult one…etc. I mean do as much as you can.

You should prepared yourself to take the test, I mean you should train yourself with
English grammar, vocabulary…( I just tell you what I experienced about the test ) :slight_smile:
Actually, I had been training myself with the Toeic test book before taking it.

Do I answer to your question?


Hi Rasemy,

Thank you very much for your kindly reply.
Now I am more clear with the TOEIC now, from your written english, I think you are quite good at english and only scored 700.

I am very worried whether pass my company requirement(750)


Thanks again for your infomation.



Don’t worry too much about the test, it’s useless if you keep worring…You are supposed to train yourself with a specific book ‘‘TOEIC’’ preparation for exam, so that you can understand more and accustomed to the procedure of the test.
For me, because I lacked of hard training and I did not work quickly enough to finish the test. But if I have a chance to do it for my 2nd time, I promise myself to score 850-900.

Just try as much as you can, be happy with the test, and be optimistic, so that you will not be under lots pressures, and willing to take it light-heartedly. When you train yourself at home, you can determine yourself why you need to take the test, what’s the advantages it will provide you now and later…then you will see your golf and be motivated to work hard for it.

Warmest regards,

You are so nice:)
you give me more courage!


May I have your MSN?