Hello! I'm Nikamo and I'm new

Hello everybody!

My name is Monica Alejandra Ciceros but I’d rather you call me by my nickname: Nikamo which was invented by my best friends. How did they come up with it? it’s very simple, they just had to write my name backwards and add a little style by changing the “c” for a “k”.funny isn’t it?.

I’m from the beautiful Colombia and I really want to learn english. I’m going to take the TOEFL and I’d like some help with my learning. I have some knowledge of the language but I still need to practice my speaking and writting a lot. I hope we can help and get to know each other.

oh! and I’d love it if you could check my posts and tell me if I’m wrong. :wink:

Hello, Nikamo. The story of your nickname is very funny. And by joining this forum you can improve your English. Here you can find people who can really help you. They are Alan, Torsten, Beesnees etc. And also members can help you. By chatting with them you can ameliorate speaking.

Best regards

hi Nikamo,your nikname story is very funny you will not believe but my name also has an interesting story my name is nelly and i am a biggest fun of Eminem an american repper and i have changed my name/s first three latters and received a new name Emilly that is to say emi+lly=emillyi am very happy and i wait your feedback,bye

Hi Nelly!

How are you? I think your story is way funnier and your nickname is much wittier than mine. I look forward to talking with you and share some stories. What do you think?

HI Nikamo , i am very glad that you answer me,and of course i
want to share with you everything i know
ps please if you find any mistakes in my writting i want you to correct them,and it is a pity that we cannot have a talk on line but if you want i can tell you my skype adress,bye

Hi Nikamo,

Welcome to our forum. If you like you can correct your mistakes yourself by following these instructions: english-test.net/community/i … ing_skills

Best regards and many thanks,

TOEIC listening, photographs: Restaurant on the lake[YSaerTTEW443543]