Hello I'm from Mars......... I'm joking lol

Hello everyone,

It’s my first topic here and I intend to make a brief introduction of myself.
My name’s Victor and I’m from Santo André - São Paulo (Brazil). My whole puporse of registering in Englsh Test forum concerning make friends and improve my English (mainly Listening and Speaking skills).
Oh I’ve forgot to tell you my age, I’m 21.
I know my English isn’t good enough to keep a conversation for a long time or to be understood clearly eventhough I do my best =D.
I wish I knew more people who would like to have a conversation by MSN or SKYPE and I reckon it’s the right site to look up for these kind of people.
I think I’ve said enough.

I’m looking forward to receiving a reply!!!

If you wanna have my MSN or SKYPE contact let me know.

MSN: victor-ot@hotmail.com

Welcome on earth Mr. Vtolentino,
I’m just living on moon. It’s too much snow in Germany at the moment, and I can’t stand Chrismas business as well. All that fuss about presents, that’s very unhealthy. On Moon life is still very peaceful. However, sometimes it’s a bit boring here. But fortunately I’ve taken my laptop with me. So I’ve a little diversion at least.
Is there any snow in Brazil yet? I trust no! It would be dangerous for your neighbours the Orinoco Alligators. But I’ve heard they can turn themself into Polar Bears at a pinch. The only ones who would have big probs then are humans, wouldn’t they?
It’s a great idea learning English in this forum. But don’t forget your “martianish” please.
How a about a footy game? On a Jupiter moon maybe? Sorry, but you would be thrashed there, tough Brazilian Martian!
Have a great day,
EvilDwarf, the midget in the moon

Hello Mr. EvilDwarf,
I really can’t argue with that. In Christmas Day many of my “Marstian” parents more than often give me gifts like rare stones or bottles of sand. It’s not fair, I wait two years (two years on Mars is equivalent a one year on Earth) to receive something like this. It’s not fair!!!
By the way, now I’m living in Brazil I’m quite sure things will be different. I know it’ll be a rough road to get used to speaking with the natives and applying to new cultures, although it’s gonna be a great experience.
Hey man, ops… Dwarf, perhaps you could be here in the next weekend in order to play a match of Soccer, what do you think about?
Have a nice day,

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