Hello, I am Djibia from Chad.

I am Djibia from Chad.Just to let you know that I am the new member from the forum.
I believe together we will will improve our English.

Hi Djibia,

How are things with you in Chad today? Of course we can improve our English together – please tell us why are learning English.
Talk to you soon,

TOEIC listening, photographs: The electrician[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten
I am sorry to respond always late to your letter.Regarding chad,things are moved slowly.we are now in summer.It is very hot temperature is above 40 degree celsius where I live.As Chad is one of the poor countries in the world, most of people do not have access to electricity as well as me. Most people are used to sleep in the opened area outside of their room because it is hot inside.An other challenge is mosquito, here we have mosquito all the year, therefore most people suffer from malaria.So, the number of people dying from malaria is getting more than more higher.
Regarding your question why we learning English.
There are many busness languages( English,French, Arabic,Chinese Spanish ) but English is the best busness language.
First, lot of people speak English in the world compare to other languages.After that,the power countries in the world such as USA, Canada and England are English countries.TheScience books are written in English.The best universities in the world are in English countries.In addition to that, we can say English is language of technology.
In the end, I am optimistic, I believe that with English, we can easily get any job and anywhere.


Djibia from Chad