Hello, I am Ania from Middel East


am ania from middel east

and i hope that i will get a big welcome with you all
and i wish that i will find some arabs too.
am actually preparing for english test and i really hope that am gonna pass it and improve my english language in here.

Hello Ania!
NIce to meet you.
WELCOME TO OUR GREAT FORUM !!! I guess my welcome was enough big, as you wanted :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m not arab, but I’m also moslem, then SALAM ANIA :slight_smile: and I wish you can improve your English here with the help of our good teachers,so do I :slight_smile: Good luck in your test preparation.

Hi Ania

Nice to meet you and a big welcome to you from me .
It’s nice to know that you are from middel east " we are nieghbors …Ania " :slight_smile:

Best wishes




this is good chance to see you here with us, and I hope to get on all your wishes…
I’m from middel east quite from Sriay Like Herc…

welcome to you here… :wink:


Thank you all for this wonderful welcome
and am from syria but am not living in syria actually .
thanks again…
am glad that we are nieghbors.

Salaam Ania,

Hope you will find what you are looking for.
You just pick the right place to improve your english.
We are neighbour, I’m from Jordan. and Happy Eid.

Hi, Ania:
Welcome !! Enjoy your stay here and keep posting! :slight_smile:


am really enjoying every thing in here

Hello Ania! Have a nice stay!

Salaam to you …Syrian person and all Arabian Syrian nation and all Arabian nation :smiley: :smiley:

It’s great to hear that you are from Syria , but in the same time I always feel sad when I hear there are many of people migrate from their great country …:frowning:
anyway , Are you a Damascusian person ? and where are you living nowadays ?

P.S. Have you missed our great country Syria ? and have you missed to smell wonderful Damascus Jasmines ?

Herc :smiley:

You are welcomed Ania here .
I hope for you to interest in time with us .

Cheers :slight_smile:

hi again , thankx all for replying
well, Hercules yes am actually from Damascus but living in kuwait nowadays
so tell me more about your self??
looking forward to hearing from you
bye bye

Hi Ania

nice to meet you …and hope you have a great time :smiley:

Well , like all young men … I adore my working , so , you will find my so busy all the times and as I told you I like that , I have two jobs "morning work is a government work and the second work is at a computer center …

I adore my country and I think myself is a huge defender or a warrior if I herd any words or any subjects had touched badly my country … :evil:

I’m very interested in Motorsport " rallies " . :roll:

anyway , these some words about me … and I think that it’s your turn to tell us somethings about yourself … :wink:

what are you doing at Kuwait ? are you studying there ? or are you working there ? :smiley:

P.S I sent you a private message


thanks again herc
Well, am a first year university student in kuwait
am studying bussines and am taking a computer course .
kuwait is a great country and i got used to it .
So why don’t you tell me more about your job??? it seems an interesting one !!

Hi, Ania & Herc!

Yes, Herc!

Give us more information about yourself,please :smiley:

your favorite sport, about your emotion experiences… anything about you Herc :wink:

and you Ania can you do the same thing!

P.s I don’t send P.message To you Herc ,but I’ll do in next Time :lol:


you are most welcome from middle east…

i would be glade to help you in any way…if you require any assistance with regard to learning english…