Hello from Saudi Arabia

Hi Folks,

I am Tarek from Saudi Arabia, I am Egyptian but living and working in KSA since long time; I have to go for the IELTS exam on May 20; kindly do provide any advices, suggestions or new ideas on how to get the best score!!

Basically I am taking the exam for immigration purposes…

waiting for your valuable inputs…



Where do u live ? I am trying to write for exam on May 20 too. But i will be writing in india, trivandrum. Any discussion, ask me . indumohan81@yahoo.com


Hi Tarek.
I am Kent from China and glad to know that you will take the IELTS exam.
I plan to go for it In June too.
Last year, I had ever took the exam first and the score I got was 5.
because my goal is 6,I have to continue .
Would you have a msn account ?
I’d like to contact with foreign freinds by msn.
My account is lsongah@msn.com.
Thanks a lot.


please contact me be mail, I am not on MSN all the time…


Good luck,

  • Tarek

Good luck everyone, I wish you the best.